Fri, Feb 23, 2018 - Sat, Feb 24, 2018
Area F Latin Convention, Anderson HS

Fri, Apr 13, 2018 - Sat, Apr 14, 2018
Texas State Latin Convention, Naaman Forest HS, Garland

Sun, Jul 22, 2018 - Sun, Jul 29, 2018
National Latin Convention, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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Students Excel During National JCL Convention
a. d. VII Id. Aug. (August 7th, 2017)

During the last week in July, fourteen Latin students from St. Andrew’s Upper and Middle Schools attended the 64th annual National Junior Classical League (NJCL) Convention held at Troy University in Troy, Alabama. Many of the students excelled in their academic and artistic contests. Full results are listed below.

William McKinnerney ‘17 was recognized with an 8th place win for the State Website Contest for his design of the TSJCL website as the 2016-17 Texas State JCL Webmaster. Katherine Salinas ‘17 earned 9th place overall in the Creative Arts contests. Will Snider ‘20, who was elected TSJCL Secretary at the State Convention in April, and Emma Buechler ‘19, who was appointed to the position of TSJCL Historian in May, both helped lead the Texas delegation at this National convention in many ways including Texas delegation fellowship meetings each day.

Will took the minutes for these fellowship meetings and Emma photographed the Texas delegation’s activities throughout the week in preparation for the creation of the next TSJCL scrapbook. Under the leadership of the TSJCL officers, the Texas delegation also won 2nd place and 3rd place in the spirit contest at two consecutive general assemblies during the convention. Walton Schmidt ‘17, as the previous TSJCL President, had the honor of giving the closing remarks for one of the general assemblies, and spoke to the entire NJCL delegation about the strong friendships he has forged through the Junior Classical League.

Some St. Andrew’s alumni also attended the convention as members of the Senior Classical League which organizes many of the convention events such as the Olympika and Ludi athletic contests, the convention talent show “That’s Entertainment,” and publishing a daily semi-satirical newsletter, the “Convention Ear.” Trace Turner '13 served as National SCL Editor during this past year and at the convention. Bryce Deskins ‘15 also attended as an SCL member, assisting in many of the week’s events, and finishing out his term as the Texas SCL Treasurer. At the end of convention, Bryce was elected as TXSCL President for this next year. A few recent 2017 graduates (nicknamed “slashers,” as they participated in both Junior and Senior Classical League activities at this convention) were elected to Texas SCL offices as well: Walton Schmidt ‘17 will serve as the next TXSCL Secretary, Katherine Salinas ‘17 as the next TXSCL Parliamentarian, and William McKinnerney ‘17 as the next TXSCL Historian.

Here are the complete NJCL contest results, showing students who placed 1st to 10th place in their contests:

Katherine Salinas - Essay, Grade 12
Christian Zhao - Mixed Media, Grade 10

Parker Brandt - Ancient Geography, Level 2
Bering Edwards - Essay, Grade 6-8
Bering Edwards - Open Certamen, Novice Level
Katherine Salinas - Traditional Photography, Grade 12

Michael Barrow - Latin Oratory, Level ½ & 1
Parker Brandt - Classical Art, Level 2
Emma Buechler - Pottery, Grade 10-12
Katherine Salinas - Classical Art, Level 5
Katherine Salinas - Sight Latin Poetry Reading
Will Snider - Essay, Grade 9

Michael Barrow - Mottoes, Level 1/2
Parker Brandt - Essay, Grade 10
Bering Edwards - Roman Life, Level 1
Bering Edwards - Sight Latin Reading, Level 1/2 & 1
Gray McKinnerney - Traditional Photography, Grade 6-9
Emma Schmidt - Essay, Grade 6-8

Michael Barrow - Academic Heptathlon, Level 1/2
Parker Brandt - Hellenic History, Level 2
Bering Edwards - Latin Grammar, Level 1/2
Rachel Nezzer - Classical Art, Level 5
Rachel Nezzer - Mosaics, Grade 11-12
Katherine Salinas - Digitally Enhanced Photography, Grade 12

Emma Buechler - Jewelry, Grade 10
Bering Edwards - Mythology, Level 1/2
Henry Erlinger - Essay, Grade 9
Rachel Nezzer - Essay, Grade 12

Bering Edwards - Academic Heptathlon, Level ½
William McKinnerney - State JCL Website
Walton Schmidt - Classical Art, Level 5

Michael Barrow - Roman Life, Level 1/2
Bering Edwards - Roman History, Level 1/2
Rachel Nezzer - Dolls handicraft, Grade 11-12
Katherine Salinas - Overall Creative Arts

Gray McKinnerney - Impromptu Art, Grade 9
Katherine Salinas - Latin Literature, Level 5
Walton Schmidt - Mottoes, Level 5
Christian Zhao - Cartoons, Grade 10-12

MS & US Take Highest Awards on National Latin Exam
Non. Apr. (April 5th, 2017)

On March 8, all Upper School Latin students took the National Latin Exam. They competed with over 154,000 students from 50 states and 19 foreign countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

There are separate exams for different levels of Latin, and students in each level are awarded medals (gold and silver) for high achievement. Twenty-seven Upper School students were recognized with some kind of award. Four students received Gold Medals and eight received Silver Medals, the two highest awards on the exam. One of those Gold Medal winners, Will Snider '20, also achieved a Perfect Score, not missing even one question on the exam!

Gold Medal - Perfect Score
Will Snider

Gold Medal
Emma Erben
Jack Cowan
Katherine Salinas

Silver Medal
Adrian Almy
Blake Birdwell
Tristram Coffin
Henry Erlinger
John Fontenot
Lorelei Ing
Sina Mohammadi
Walton Schmidt

Magna Cum Laude
Parker Brandt
Molly Fox
Lily Kincannon
William McKinnerney
Morgan Nascone
Rachel Nezzer
Georgia Orchid
Matthew Tobias
Christian Zhao

Cum Laude
Paige Anderson
Hana Arriaga
Emma Buechler
Pouya Mohammadi
Will Nickerson
Jill Pewitt

In addition, St. Andrew's Middle School Latin students also participated in the National Latin Exam on March 3 and were joined by over 149,000 students from all 50 states and 16 foreign countries. We are very proud of their achievements!

Introduction to Latin - Outstanding Achievement Certificate
Michael Barrow
Bering Edwards

Introduction to Latin - Achievement Certificate
Delaney Eiland
Laney Goodrum
Sabrina Kalmans
Luke Weaver

Latin 1 - Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude
Evelyn Berry
Sofia Gonzalez
Emma Schmidt

Latin 1 - Silver Medal, Cum Laude
Shelby Pomeleo-Fowler

Latin 1 - Cum Laude
Jayde Childress

Upper School Latin students have been busy this spring. In addition to the recent Area and State Conventions, some Latin students took the opportunity to participate in three optional contests offered nationwide: the “Medusa” Mythology Exam, the National Latin Vocabulary Exam, and the National Roman Civilization Exam on Roman history and culture. A number of the participants were recognized for their achievements in these subjects with certificates and medals:

“Medusa” Mythology Exam
Corona Laurea certificate: Rachel Nezzer
Corona Olivae certificate: Tristram Coffin & Will Snider

National Latin Vocabulary Exam
Gold medal: Emma Erben
Silver medal: Will Snider
Bronze medal: Tristram Coffin

National Roman Civilization Exam
Gold medal:
Rachel Nezzer
Katherine Salinas
Will Snider

Silver medal:
Parker Brandt
Tristram Coffin
Emma Erben
Henry Erlinger
Walton Schmidt

Bronze medal: Andrew Buller

Congratulations to all our Middle and Upper School Latin scholars on their impressive achievements!

Students Excel at Texas State Junior Classical League Convention
a. d. III Non. Apr. (April 3rd, 2017)

St. Andrew’s Middle and Upper School students competed in academic, artistic, engineering, and athletic contests at the Texas State Junior Classical League (TSJCL) convention at Sandra Day O’Connor High School in San Antonio on March 31 and April 1. The Austin-area Certamen Teams, which included students from St. Andrew’s, competed in the state tournament.

The novice division team, composed of St. Andrew’s students captain Emma Schmidt, Michael Barrow, Bering Edwards, Emily Williams, and alternate Sofia Gonzalez, won second place. Freshman Will Snider also competed on an intermediate team that placed second as well. Congratulations to these Certamen players!

Walton Schmidt and Janson Shrock built a small catapult that launched a golf ball 157 feet, the longest launch of any catapult at the convention. They came away with a first place prize.

Every year at the TSJCL convention, the member schools elect a board of student officers to lead the organization for the following year. This year three St. Andrew’s students served as officers: Walton Schmidt as President, Katherine Salinas as Parliamentarian, and William McKinnerney as Webmaster. These students have all served on the board for three years each, and this year led the biggest revision of the organization’s constitution and bylaws that the organization has ever undergone. At the convention this year, Will Snider was officially sworn in as the new 2016-2017 TSJCL Secretary after a successful campaign at the convention.

President Walton Schmidt was also recognized for his service to the TSJCL with the first annual Aristotle Award. The award provides him with a scholarship to attend the National JCL convention at Troy University in Alabama this summer.

Here are the complete Academic and Classical Civilization results:

First Place
Bering Edwards - Decathlon
Katherine Salinas - Roman History

Second Place
Michael Barrow - Latin Oratory; Roman Life, level 1/2 A
Tristram Coffin - Boys Costume
Bering Edwards - Mythology, level 1/2 A
William McKinnerney - Roman Life, level 5
Rachel Nezzer - Latin Derivatives; Mythology, level 5
Walton Schmidt - Mottoes and Abbreviations; Sight Recitation

Third Place
Michael Barrow - Roman Life
Emma Buechler - Pottery
Truman Cunningham - Club T-shirt Design
Katherine Salinas - Latin Literature
Emma Schmidt - Mottoes and Abbreviations; Decathlon, level 1/2 B
Will Snider - Reading Comprehension; Decathlon, level 2

Fourth Place
Parker Brandt - Greek History
Emma Buechler - Pottery; Sculpture
Sofia Gonzalez - Latin Vocabulary; Sight Recitation
Laney Goodrum - Greek Derivatives
Sina Mohammadi - Creative Writing
Katherine Salinas - Poster; Traditional Photography
Janson Shrock - Geography of the Ancient World
Emily Williams - Roman History
Christian Zhao - Polychromatic Drawing

Fifth Place
Lorelei Ing - Roman Life

Sixth Place
Laney Goodrum - Reading Comprehension
Katherine Salinas - Digital Photography
Ben Sirizzotti - Original English Oratory
Matthew Tobias - Sight Recitation

Seventh Place
William McKinnerney - Advanced Grammar
Emily Williams - Mottoes and Abbreviations
Janson Shrock - Vocabulary

Eighth Place
Emma Erben - Latin Derivatives
Rachel Nezzer - Miscellaneous Art
Will Snider - Poetry

Ninth Place
Everett Bradley - Classical Art, level 2
Jayde Childress - Roman Life
Emma Erben - Decathlon
Matthew Tobias - Greek Derivatives
Will Josowitz - Play - Author
Gray McKinnerney - Play
Rachel Nezzer - Play
Katherine Salinas - Play
Walton Schmidt - Play
Christian Zhao - Classical Art, level 3

Tenth Place
Jayde Childress - Latin Grammar
Henry Erlinger - Couples Costume
Lily Kincannon - Acrylic Art
Jill Pewitt - Classical Art
Ben Sirizzotti - Couples Costume

Students receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Michael Barrow, Parker Brandt, Andrew Buller, Tristram Coffin, Bering Edwards, Emma Erben, Henry Erlinger, Rachel Nezzer, Katherine Salinas, Emma Schmidt, Will Snider, Matthew Tobias, and Emily Williams.

Students receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Emma Buechler, Laney Goodrum, Sofia Gonzalez, Lorelei Ing, Walton Schmidt, and Christian Zhao.

Students receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Katie Cowan, Gray McKinnerney, Sina Mohammadi, and Ben Sirizzotti.

Students receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Everett Bradley, Lily Kincannon, Jacob Marcus, Jill Pewitt, William McKinnerney.

Overall, the Middle School placed 9th and the Upper School placed 10th in Advanced Division Sweepstakes.

Good luck to all as we prepare for Nationals this summer at Troy University in Alabama.

MS, US Students Show Off Knowledge at Austin-Area Convention
a. d. VI Non. Mar. (March 2nd, 2017)

On Friday, February 24 and Saturday, February 25 the St. Andrew’s Middle and Upper School Latin Clubs attended the Austin-Area Latin Convention at Westwood High School. The Middle School Certamen team comprised of Michael Barrow, Bering Edwards, Sofia Gonzalez, captain Emma Schmidt, and Emily Williams won the Area Championship after winning every tournament this year. They will be part of the team that represents Austin at the state convention in March.

The Intermediate Certamen team, comprised of Parker Brandt, Jack Cowan, Henry Erlinger, and captain Will Snider, and the Advanced Certamen team, comprised of Tristram Coffin, Rachel Nezzer, Katherine Salinas, and captain Walton Schmidt, played amazing final rounds and both won second place overall.

As a school, St. Andrew's Upper School took second in the overall Academic sweepstakes, calculated by assigning points for first, second, and third place finishes. Two students were recognized for having the highest score at any level on their tests. Henry Howard got the high score overall for Greek Life and Literature, and Rachel Nezzer did the same for Latin Derivatives. Additionally, Emma Erben tied for the highest score on the Pentathlon of all students in level III, a great accomplishment as every student at the convention takes that contest.

Bering Edwards was named Armadillo Junior Scholar of the year for his high score on the Decathlon test out of all the 1/2 A and 1/2 B students who took the exam. This accomplishment is impressive for any student, but is especially notable for a seventh grader.

Three St. Andrew’s students, William McKinnerney, Katherine Salinas, and Walton Schmidt, are currently serving on the TSJCL Executive Board and had a hand in making sure the convention ran smoothly. Additionally, St. Andrew’s own Lauren Dill has worked for months as TSJCL State Chair to make sure that all the contests were prepared for the students and to ensure that the convention was a good experience for all.

The individual awards follow:

Academic and Classical Civilization Awards
1st Place

Adrian Almy                 Ancient Geography - 3
Michael Barrow             Latin Oratory - ½ A
Parker Brandt               Greek History
Tristram Coffin             Boys’ Costume:  Laocoon
Jack Cowan                  Roman History
Sofia Gonzalez              Vocabulary - ½ B
Bering Edwards             Decathlon - ½ A
Bering Edwards             Mythology
Emma Erben                 Decathlon - 3
Molly Fox                     Latin Oratory - 4
Sabrina Kalmans           Ancient Geography - ½ A
Henry Howard              Couples’ Costume:  Hecuba
Henry Howard              Greek Life and Lit
Rachel Nezzer                Latin Derivatives
Emma Schmidt              Decathlon - ½ B
Emma Schmidt              Mottoes
Cameron Scott               Roman Life
Cameron Scott               Vocabulary - 5+
Ben Sirizzotti                 Couples’ Costume:  Priam
Will Snider                    Decathlon - 2

2nd Place
Hana Arriaga                Latin Literature
Michael Barrow             Decathlon - ½ A
Blake Birdwell               Mottoes - 2
Alex Bradley                 Roman Life
Parker Brandt                Roman History - 2
Emma Buechler             Greek Life and Lit - 3
Tristram Coffin              Decathlon - 3
Katie Cowan                  Latin Derivatives - 4
Henry Erlinger               Greek Life and Lit - 2
Sofia Gonzalez               Sight Recitation - ½ B
Lily Kincannon                Greek Derivatives - 2
Jacob Marcus                 Decathlon - 1
Morgan Nascone             Latin Derivatives - 2
Rachel Nezzer                Mythology
Katherine Salinas           Roman History - 5+
Walton Schmidt             Decathlon - 5+
Walton Schmidt             Mottoes - 5+
Matthew Tobias             Sight Recitation - 4
Taylor Thompson           Ancient Geography
Matthew Tobias             Greek Derivatives - 4
Emily Williams              Mottoes - ½ A
Emily Williams              Roman History - ½ A

3rd Place
Hana Arriaga                 Grammar - 5
Alex Bradley                  Mottoes
Jayde Childress              Grammar - ½ B
Avery Duncan               Greek History
John Fontenot                Ancient Geography - 1
Will Josowitz                 Play (Author)
Lily Kincannon               Ancient Geography - 2
Gray McKinnerney          Play (Actor)
Rachel Nezzer                Play (Actor)
Katherine Salinas           Latin Literature
Katherine Salinas           Play (Actor)
Walton Schmidt             Play (Actor and Director)
Jackie Smith                 Dramatic Interpretation
Will Snider                    Reading Comprehension

Receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon were: Adrian Almy, Michael Barrow, Parker Brandt, Tristram Coffin, Jack Cowan, Bering Edwards, Emma Erben, Sofia Gonzalez, Sabrina Kalmans, Lily Kincannon, Gray McKinnerney, Rachel Nezzer, Katherine Salinas, Emma Schmidt, Walton Schmidt, Cameron Scott, Will Snider, Janson Shrock, and Christian Zhao.

Receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon were: Paige Anderson, Hana Arriaga, Blake Birdwell, Jayde Childress, Katie Cowan, Truman Cunningham, Avery Duncan, John Fontenot, Molly Fox, Lorelei Ing, Sina Mohammadi, Morgan Nascone, Ben Sirizzotti, and Matthew Tobias.

Receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon were: Drew Aronoff, Alex Bradley, Everett Bradley, Andrew Buller, Delaney Eiland, Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh, Henry Erlinger, Henry Howard, James Gernstein, Taylor Josey, William McKinnerney, Will Nickerson, Jill McCann-Pewitt, Michael Thomas, Taylor Thompson, Cameron Wilkinson, Emily Williams, and David Winslett.

Receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon were: Emma Buechler, Victoria Curtin, Will Greskovich, Jacob Marcus, Natalie Sequin, and Jackie Smith.

1st Place

Jayde Childress    Softball Throw - MS
Natalie Sequin     Softball Throw- US

2nd Place
Blake Birdwell     200 M Dash
Blake Birdwell     400 M Relay
John Fontenot      400 M Relay
Henry Erlinger     400 M Relay
Will Snider           400 M Relay

3rd Place
Will Snider           100 M Dash

We so appreciate the many parents, students, and alumni who helped us at the event. Congratulations to all the winners and bonam fortunam omnibus at State. The State Convention will be held on March 31-April 1 at O’Connor High School in San Antonio.

Middle, Upper School Certamen Shine in Competition
a. d. III Kal. Feb. (January 30th, 2017)

The St. Andrew’s Certamen teams have started the year strong with the Crusader Classic, Westlake, and Rouse Certamen tournaments.

The Middle School players consist of Bering Edwards, ‘22, Emma Schmidt, ‘21, Sofia Gonzalez, ‘21, Emily Williams, ‘22, and Luke Weaver, ‘22, as well as alternates Michael Barrow, ‘22, and William Sykes, ‘23.

At the Upper School level, the Novice team consists of Lorelei Ing, ‘20, John Fontenot, ‘20, Jacob Marcus, ‘20, Georgia Orchid, ‘20, and Jack Weaver, ‘20. The Intermediate players are Will Snider, ‘20, Jack Cowan, ‘20, Henry Erlinger, ‘20, and Parker Brandt, ‘19. The Advanced players are Katherine Salinas, ‘17, Walton Schmidt, ‘17, Rachel Nezzer, ‘17, and Tristram Coffin, ‘18, as well as alternate Cameron Scott, ‘17.

At the Westlake tournament, the Middle School team placed first, the Upper School Novice team placed second, the Intermediate team placed third, and the Advanced team also placed third.

The Latin Club worked hard to organize and run the 20th Annual Crusader Classic tournament, held at St. Andrew’s on November 12, 2016. William McKinnerney, ‘17, Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh, ‘18, and Mariah Sager, ‘14, successfully co-hosted the tournament, recording scores, determining finalists, and helping coordinate between Certamen rooms. The Middle School, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced teams also found success at the tournament, placing first, third, third, and second, respectively.

Members of the Intermediate and Advanced teams competed at the Certamen Januarium tournament held at Rouse High School on January 14. The Middle School and Intermediate teams each placed first and the Advanced team placed third.

Additionally, the Certamen teams participated in a tournament at Central Catholic High School in San Antonio on January 28. This will be the last tournament before the Area convention in February.

Eleven Latin Students Medal on National Latin Exam
a. d. XIV Kal. Feb. (January 19th, 2017)

Back in November, Latin students at the Upper School took the National Classical Etymology Exam, sponsored by the National Junior Classical League. They were joined by and competed with students from across the United States. The exam is based on English vocabulary words that are derived from Latin and Greek, with emphasis on academic and SAT vocabulary words.

Awards are based on the student’s grade level; students in each level can be awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals for outstanding results. This year, eleven St. Andrew's Upper School students were recognized with a medal for their achievement. Congratulations to these students!

Gold Medal
Emma Erben

Silver Medal
Tristram Coffin

Bronze Medal
Adrian Almy
Drew Aronoff
Hana Arriaga
Andrew Buller
Jack Cowan
Rachel Nezzer
Katherine Salinas
Walton Schmidt
Taylor Thompson

US Hosts 34th Annual Latin Banquet
a. d. V Id. Ian. (January 9th, 2017)

The 34th Annual Latin Banquet was held in the lobby of the Dell Fine Arts Center on the afternoon of Sunday, January 8. Latin students spent the preceding weeks preparing in class to show off their knowledge of Roman clothing, history, culture and mythology. Click here for more Latin Banquet photos.

At the Banquet each student dresses as a character from Roman history or mythology according to his or her level of Latin, from senators all the way up to gods and goddesses. Authentic Roman/Italian cuisine was served while students played a game that required an understanding of ancient Rome to win in a competition against their fellow classmates.

Students from the 9th through 12th grades combined their efforts and worked together to triumph in the historical game. In the end, Taylor Thompson ‘17 prevailed along with many allied players.

Students Attend National Convention at IU
a. d. XVIII Kal. Sep. (August 15th, 2016)

During the last week in July, eleven Latin students from St. Andrew’s Upper and Middle School divisions attended the 63rd annual National Junior Classical League Convention held at Indiana University in Bloomington. This trip to the midwest also included visits to Purdue University, Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, as well as the Chicago Art Institute, Millennium Park, Chinatown, and the Magnificent Mile shopping district.

At the convention many students excelled in their academic, artistic, and athletic contests. Full results are listed below. A few St. Andrew’s students’ work was recognized for achievement in special contests during general assemblies of the entire convention. Walton Schmidt ‘17 won 4th place in the contest for State Digital Scrapbook in his capacity as the 2015-16 Historian for the Texas State JCL. (See the TSJCL Scrapbook.) Katherine Salinas ‘17 won 6th place in the State Publications contest for her work on the Torch, which was her responsibility as the 2015-16 TSJCL Editor. (Check out the Fall 2015 Torch.) William McKinnerney ‘17 was also recognized with a 9th place win for the State Website Contest for his design of the TSJCL website as 2015-16 TSJCL Webmaster. Walton Schmidt, elected as the 2016-17 President of TSJCL at the State Convention in April, led the Texas delegation at this National convention in many ways including state fellowship meetings each evening. Katherine Salinas served as the newly appointed 2016-17 Parliamentarian of TSJCL by moderating the voting state fellowship meeting where the students discussed and determined the Texas delegation’s votes for the new NJCL officers. Under the leadership of the TSJCL officers, the Texas delegation, which is notoriously difficult to coordinate due to its large size, won 2nd place in Spirit at one General Assembly. Additionally, Rachel Nezzer ‘17 and Will Snider ‘20 represented the Texas delegation during the State Roll Call competition with an entertaining “Star Wars”-cowboy skit.

Some St. Andrew’s graduates also attended the convention as members of the Senior Classical League which organizes many of the convention events such as the Olympika and Ludi athletic contests, the convention talent show “That’s Entertainment,” and publishing a daily semi-satirical newsletter, the “Convention Ear.” St. Andrew's alumnus Trace Turner '13 served as SCL Vice President during this past year and at the convention. At the end of convention, Trace was elected as NSCL Editor as well as TXSCL President for the coming year. Bryce Deskins ‘15 also attended and assisted as an SCL member and was elected TXSCL Treasurer for the next year.

Here are the complete NJCL contest results, reflecting students who placed 1st to 10th place in their contests:

Tristram Coffin - Male Costume, Junior Level
Katherine Salinas - Traditional Photography, Grade 11
Emma Schmidt - Ludi Soccer

Grace Zhao - Black Pencil Art, Grade 7-9
Grace Zhao - Mixed Media Art, Grace 7-9

Henry Erlinger - Essay, Grade 7-8 Boys
Katherine Salinas - Essay, Grade 11 Girls

Walton Schmidt - State Digital Scrapbook
Emma Schmidt - Ancient Geography, Level 1/2

Rachel Nezzer - Essay, Grade 11 Girls

Katherine Salinas - Publications Contest
Katherine Salinas - Latin Oratory, Level 4
Emma Schmidt - Mottoes, Level 1/2
Emma Schmidt - Roman Life, Level 1/2

Gray McKinnerney - Greek Life and Literature, Level 1
Katherine Salinas - Latin Sight Recitation, Level 4

Gray McKinnerney - Mixed Media Art, Grade 7-9
Emma Schmidt - Reading Comprehension, Level 1/2
Walton Schmidt - Mottoes, Level 4
Will Snider - Essay, Grade 7-8 Boys

William McKinnerney - State Website Contest
Katherine Salinas - Computer Enhanced Photography, Grade 11

Emma Schmidt - Latin Derivatives, Level 1/2
Walton Schmidt - Latin Poetry Sight Reading, Level 4
Will Snider - Reading Comprehension, Level 1

Students Get Creative for National Writing Contest
a. d. V Id. Mai. (May 11th, 2016)

Each year the National Junior Classical League offers a creative writing contest. This year’s prompt was to write a letter from the point of view of a Roman historical figure or Greco-Roman mythological character: the contest is partly a research project and partly a creative writing effort.

Congratulations to the St. Andrew’s Upper School Latin students who were nationally recognized for their written work!

William McKinnerney '17 - “Vulcan: a letter to his past self” - 2nd Place
Katherine Salinas '17 - “An Open Letter from Orpheus to Aristaeus” - 5th Place
Molly Fox '18 - “Longing for Aeneas” - 6th Place
Janson Shrock '17 - “Octavian to Marc Antony and Lepidus about the Battle of Philipi” - 6th Place
Rachel Nezzer '17 - “An Excerpt from the Letters of Ceres” - 9th Place
Olivia Smith '17 - “Twin Telepathy” - 10th Place

St. Andrew's Highest Ranked SPC School at TSJCL Convention
a. d. V Kal. Mai. (April 27th, 2016)

On April 22 and 23, St. Andrew’s students competed in academic, artistic, and athletic contests at the Texas State Junior Classical League (TSJCL) convention at Atascocita High School. After a weekend of competing and participating in a variety of activities, the Upper School students finished in 10th place overall, the highest ranked school in the SPC that was at the competition. The Middle School also finished 10th overall in their respective division.

At the convention with the support of his classmates, St. Andrew’s junior Walton Schmidt campaigned for and was elected President for the 2016-2017 school year. Every year at the convention, the member schools elect a board of student officers to lead the organization for the following year. Previously, Walton had served on this year’s Executive Board as Historian, with junior Katherine Salinas as Editor and junior William McKinnerney as Webmaster. All three had extensive duties at the convention, which they carried out with grace.

Here are the complete Academic and Classical Civilization results for the St. Andrew’s delegation:

First Place
Sofia Gonzalez                         Latin Vocabulary
Sofia Gonzalez                         Sight Recitation
Katherine Salinas                    Poetry
Emma Schmidt                        Roman Life

Second Place
Emma Buechler                      Sculpture
Gray McKinnerney                  Greek Life and Literature
William McKinnerney             Multimedia
Nolan McNearney                   Club T-shirt Design
Katherine Salinas                    Computer-enhanced Photography
Emma Schmidt                        Mottoes
Walton Schmidt                      Catapult
Walton Schmidt                      Sight Recitation
Janson Shrock                          Catapult
Matthew Tobias                      Models

Third Place
Drew Aronoff                          Ancient Geography
Walton Schmidt                      Mottoes
Grace Zhao                             Electronic Art

Fourth Place
Parker Brandt                         Greek History
Tristram Coffin                       Costume
William McKinnerney             Classical Art
Katherine Salinas                    Traditional Photography

Fifth Place
Layne Alam                             Greek History
Rachel Nezzer                         Mythology
Katherine Salinas                    Research Paper
Will Snider                              Decathlon
Will Snider                              Grammar

Sixth Place
Will Josowitz                           Greek History
Katherine Salinas                    Latin Oratory

Seventh Place
Layne Alam                             Mythology
Drew Aronoff                          Roman Life
Henry Erlinger                         Latin Derivatives
Lily Kincannon                         Monochromatic Drawing
Rachel Nezzer                         Latin Derivatives
Katherine Salinas                    Roman History

Eighth Place
Emma Buechler                      Greek Life and Lit
Emma Buechler                      Pottery
Victoria Curtin                        Latin Oratory
Victoria Curtin                        Reading Comprehension - Advanced Poetry
Nolan McNearney                   Roman Life
Grace Zhao                           Polychromatic Drawing

Ninth Place
Henry Erlinger                       Mottoes
Pouya Mohammadi                Vocabulary

Tenth Place
Layne Alam                            Original Play, Actor
Parker Brandt                         Roman History
Andrew Buller                         Reading Comprehension
Jack Cowan                             Roman History
Lily Kincannon                         Vocabulary
Pouya Mohammadi                Original Play, Author
Rachel Nezzer                         Original Play, Actor
Jill Pewitt                                 Classical Art
Katherine Salinas                    Original Play, Actor
Grace Zhao                             Original Play, Actor

Students receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Drew Aronoff, Parker Brandt,Jack Cowan, Gray McKinnerney, Rachel Nezzer, Katherine Salinas, Emma Schmidt, Will Snider

Students receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Layne Alam, Tristram Coffin, Henry Erlinger, Walton Schmidt

Students receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Stevie Gibson, Will Josowitz, Lizzie Leighty, William McKinnerney, Grace Zhao

Students receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Emma Buechler, Andrew Buller, Katie Cowan, James Gernstein, Sofia Gonzalez, Lily Kincannon, Pouya Mohammadi, Jill Pewitt

Additionally, we won the following Olympika events:

First Place
Janson Shrock         Frisbee Throw
Janson Shrock         Softball Throw

Additionally, the Upper School Club was awarded the second runner-up prize in the Publicity contest. Good luck to all as we prepare for Nationals this summer at Indiana University in Bloomington.

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