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Advanced Certamen Wins Area Championship; St. Andrew's Places Second in Sweepstakes
a. d. VI Id. Feb. (February 8th, 2014)

On Saturday, February 8, the St. Andrew's Upper School Latin Club attended Area F Latin Convention at Connally High School. Our Novice certamen team comprised of Allie Eakman, Gavin Massengale, and Noah Moore advanced to finals and won third place. The Intermediate certamen team comprised of Rachel Nezzer, Katherine Salinas, captain Walton Schmidt, Janson Shrock, and alternates William McKinnerney and Will Josowitz won second place by a mere 10 points The Advanced team comprised of Bryce Deskins, Nate Eakman, captain Olivia Hindera, and Wesley Wiedenmeier played an amazing final round, won first place and will represent the area at the state tournament.

As a school, St. Andrew's Upper School took second in the overall academic sweepstakes, calculated by assigning points for first, second, and third place finishes. Two students were recognized for having the highest score at any level on their tests: Olivia Hindera in Mottoes and Jaron Shrock in Advanced Grammar. Additionally, Jonathan Zornio and Olivia Hindera got the highest score on the Pentathlon of all students in their level (Latin III and Latin V+, respectively), a great accomplishment as every student at the convention takes that contest. Nate Eakman was awarded a scholarship for $538 ($1 for every convention attendee) in recognition of the fact that he received the high score on the Decathlon test out of all the seniors at the convention. Nate will be donating his winnings to Worldbuilders, a charity that uses the collective power of readers and authors to make the world a better place.

Finally, Katherine Salinas, class of 2017, was elected Area F Chairperson for the 2014-2015 school year. It will be her responsibility to host the next convention at St. Andrew's Upper School in the winter of next year. 

The individual awards follow:

1st Place
Connor Brucker - Play
Noelle Brimble - Play
Asa Buehler - Ancient Geography
Bryce Deskins - Latin Literature
Bryce Deskins - Roman History
Nate Eakman - Play
Christian Erben - Vocal Solo
Henry Gaudin - Mottoes
Caroline Graves - Play
Olivia Hindera - Mottoes
Olivia Hindera - Mythology
Will Josowitz - Play
Fletcher Lowin - Latin Literature
Ellie McDaniel - Play
Rachel Nezzer - Mythology
Rachel Nezzer - Play
Mariah Sager - Greek Derivatives
Walton Schmidt - Mottoes
Walton Schmidt - Sight Recitation
Cameron Scott - Greek History
Jaron Shrock - Advanced Grammar
Wesley Wiedenmeier - Advanced Grammar

2nd Place
Brendan Bowyer - Vocal Ensemble
Connor Brucker - Ancient Geography
Asa Buehler - Roman History
Joel Campbell Boy's Costume
Joel Campbell - Dramatic Interpretation
Joel Campbell - Vocal Ensemble
Madeline Chastain - Monochromatic Drawing
Frankie Chen - Advanced Grammar
Nate Eakman - Decathlon
Nate Eakman - Mythology
Simran Frontain - Latin Oratory
Kathryn Gernstein - Latin Literature
Logan Giberson - Vocal Ensemble
Fletcher Lowin - Greek Life and Lit
Noah Moore - Roman History
Jack Reed - Ancient Geography
Mariah Sager - Latin Derivatives
Jared Samuels - Greek History
Cameron Scott - Greek Derivatives
Jaron Shrock - Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose
Hannah Winslett - Monochromatic Drawing
Jonathan Zornio - Advanced Grammar

3rd Place
Harrison Benson - Latin Derivatives
Harrison Benson - Latin Oratory
Alex Bradley - Vocabulary
Noelle Brimble - Dramatic Interpretation
Brendan Bowyer - Decathlon
Joel Campbell - Sight Recitation
Frankie Chen - Decathlon
Henry Gaudin - Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry
Kathryn Gernstein - Couples Costume
Tom Hogan - Roman Life
Nicolette Kivlin - Dramatic Interpretation
Ellie McDaniel - Sight Recitation
Annika Mele - Advanced Grammar
Annika Mele - Couples Costume
Annika Mele - Roman Life
Madeleine Mele - Latin Literature
Madeleine Mele - Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose
Katherine Salinas - Roman History
Katherine Salinas - Sight Recitation
Jared Samuels - Greek Life and Lit
Ariana Weiss - Latin Literature
Hannah Winslett - Polychromatic Drawing

Receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon were: Hana Arriaga, Alex Bradley, Connor Brucker, Carson Carroll, Frankie Chen, Bryce Deskins, Allie Eakman, Nate Eakman, Henry Gaudin, Caroline Graves, Olivia Hindera, Tom Hogan, Annika Mele, Rachel Nezzer, Mariah Sager, Walton Schmidt, Cameron Scott, Janson Shrock, Jaron Shrock, Taylor Thompson, Ariana Weiss, Wesley Wiedenmeier, and Jonathan Zornio.

Receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon were: Max Bartee, Brendan Bowyer, Asa Buehler, Madeline Chastain, Christian Erben, Kathryn Gernstein, Will Josowitz, Lizzie Leighty, Gavin Massengale, William McKinnerney, Noah Moore, Annika Ostrom, Pavan Reddy, and Katherine Salinas.

Receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon were: Harrison Benson, Harrison Boyt, Elizabeth Curtin, Simran Frontain, Logan Giberson, Nicolette Kivlin, James Krajicek, Alessandra Massa, Ellie McDaniel, Nolan McNearney, Madeleine Mele, Noah Mele, Pouya Mohammadi, Jack Reed, Tristan Reed, Jared Samuels and Hannah Winslett.

Receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon were: Noelle Brimble, Kate Fox, Maya Kidd, and Elouise Weil.

Thanks to all the parents who have supported us our efforts this year, especially to Amy Erben and Dawn Bowyer, who helped make sure the competitors were fed. Thanks also go to Janet Eakman, our Certamen team parent. Congratulations to all the winners and bonam fortunam omnibus at State. The State Convention will be held on April 11-12 at Westwood High School in Round Rock ISD.

New Saturday Schedule for Area F
a. d. VII Id. Feb. (February 7th, 2014)

Below is a revised schedule for the Area F Latin Convention. Olympika have been canceled because of space and staffing issues that came up with the weather delay. We will continue monitoring the weather and revise the schedule as necessary if travel remains dangerous. Thanks for your patience as we try to deal with weather and other issues.

We are short on test proctors for the convention. Parents, if you are planning to drive students to Connally and would be willing to stay and proctor a test for a couple of hours, please let Jennie Luongo ( know.

Saturday, February 8

6:00-8:30 Early testing

7:30-8:20 Registration
Certamen Draw (coaches and captains should check in at registration table)
Art Registration

8:30-9:00 Pentathlon

9:00-11:00 Academic Testing

10:00-12:00 Sight Recitation

10:00-12:00 Dramatic Interpretation and Latin Oratory

11:00-12:30 Certamen Preliminaries

12:00-1:00 Classical Civilization: Vocal, Costume, Play

1:00-2:00 Lunch

1:00-3:00 Art pick-up

2:00-4:00 Certamen Finals

4:00-5:00 Awards Ceremony; Area F Chair Election

Certamen Preliminaries POSTPONED Until Saturday
a. d. VIII Id. Feb. (February 6th, 2014)

Area F Certamen preliminaries have been CANCELED for Friday night and will be held on Saturday at Connally High School. We will post more information here when we have more details about Saturday's schedule.

National Classical Etymology Exam Awards Announced
Non. Feb. (February 5th, 2014)

On December 2nd, Latin students at the Upper school took the National Classical Etymology Exam. They were joined by and competed with students from across the United States. There is one exam, and awards are based on the level of Latin in which a student is enrolled. Students in each level can be awarded gold, silver, or bronze medals for outstanding results. Eighteen Upper School students were recognized with some kind of award. Seven students received Gold Medals, two received Silver Medals, and five received Bronze Medals.

Gold Medals
Bryce Deskins
Olivia Hindera
Mariah Sager
Rachel Nezzer
Pavan Reddy
Walton Schmidt
Cameron Scott

Silver Medals
Hana Arriaga
Olivia Smith

Bronze Medals
Alex Bradley
Annika Mele
Jack Reed
Kady Salinas
Janson Shrock

St. Andrew's Continues Latin Banquet Traditions
a. d. XVIII Kal. Dec. (November 14th, 2013)

On Sunday, November 10th the thirty-first annual St. Andrew's Latin Banquet was held in Nazro Hall on the 31st Street campus. All Latin students in grades 5-12 participated and dressed in tunicae, togae, and stolae, according to their level of Latin. Middle Schoolers and upper-level Upper Schoolers accessorized their garb to portray characters from Greco-Roman mythology and figures from Roman history. During the banquet students were judged for the costume contests and sampled a three-course tasting menu based on food the Romans would have eaten.

Students prepared for the event in their Latin classes by studying about ancient Roman clothing and food. Each Latin class from fifth grade through Pre-AP Latin also prepared poster boards on topics about this year's theme, "The Underworld." During the banquet these posters were displayed and used as visual aids for the Latin III students to give oral presentations about each topic. The AP Latin students set up their own version of the Greco-Roman Underworld in Crusader Hall for students to experience during the festivities. The Advanced Topics in Latin class prepared "rivers" of the Underworld for students to cross as they entered Nazro Hall. The "price" to enter the banquet this year was not a coin, as the ancients believed was necessary for entering the Underworld, but rather a food item for the Hands for Hope Food Drive.

As many students who have attended the Latin Banquet since their Lower School years will tell you, the Latin Banquet offers many opportunities for the older students to inspire the younger students as they continue with their Latin studies. The younger students listen to the older students present about more advanced and interesting topics in the Latin language, Roman history, and mythology. The Upper School students work hard on their presentations, targeting the younger students in particular, trying to spark the interest that has driven them to continue with their own Latin education.

While many schools are cutting their Latin programs due to budgetary constraints, St. Andrew's has continued offering students the opportunity to study Latin, the ancient language of the Romans that has given us the seven modern Romance languages. "The study of Roman culture which typically accompanies Latin study informs the study of any Western literature, art, or culture as well... If Latin were dead, every Western culture and language would be also bereft of life," comments former Notre Dame admissions counselor and current Harvard assistant professor Matthew Potts. In addition to offering students a unique insight into the origins of the modern Western world, the study of Latin boosts their English vocabularies, understanding of grammar, and logical thinking skills. As Andrea Thomas, Assistant Director of Admission at Hamilton College states, "A background in Latin provides students with a stronger English vocabulary. Open any SAT prep book, and you will see a crash course in Latin in the vocab section."

Many thanks to the Latin Banquet Parent Chairs, Laura Buehler and Andy Deskins, along with all of the parents who volunteered to make this year's banquet such a great success!

(Article by Ariana Weiss, edited by Lauren Dill and Jennie Luongo)

Costume Contest Winners

5th Grade – Ballon
1st : Louise Lee
2nd : Malika Chauhan
3rd : Sofia Huston
1st : Becker Jackson
2nd : Jack Havemann
3rd : Trenton Jackson

5th Grade – Eleby
1st : Mia Arriaga
2nd : Helen Chapin-Eiserloh
3rd : Maria Tobias & Evelyn Berry
1st : Jack Bellingrath
2nd : Ethan LeBlanc
3rd : Liam Cohagan

5th Grade – Hart
1st : Cammie Guttell
2nd : Carlie McCall
3rd : Avery Ingram
1st : Nicholas DeBalko
2nd : Timmy O’Brien
3rd : Stephen Andrulis

6th grade Section A
1st : Leah Claman
2nd : Kyla Thompson
3rd : Chloe Ezell
1st : Henry Erlinger
2nd : Teddy Gilman
3rd : Alex Osella

6th grade Section B
1st : Maddie McWilliams
2nd : Mackenzie Kruger
3rd : Rachel Coe
1st : John David Grisebaum
2nd : Chase Samuels
3rd : Cole Morehead

6th grade Section C
1st : Sidney Marsh
2nd : Sarah Payet
3rd : Ellie Claman & Lily Hersch
1st : Andrew Buller
2nd : Sina Mohammadi

6th grade Section D
1st : Anna Jackson
2nd : Gia Fareri
3rd : Kathleen Schwartz
1st : Ben Ledet
2nd : Stefaan Meinert
3rd : Truman Cunningham

7th Grade
1st : Gina Perkins
2nd : Tristram Coffin
3rd : Robert MacDougall

8th Grade, section 1
1st : Lex Searcy
2nd : Colton Gunnarson
3rd : Jasmine Aghazadeh

8th Grade, section 2 & 3
1st : Layne Alam & Jackie Smith
2nd : Pace Renner
3rd : Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh

Latin I 
1st : Allison Eakman
2nd : Gavin Massengale
3rd : Noah Mele

Latin II Freshmen – C Period
1st : Lizzy Leighty
2nd : William McKinnerney
3rd : Walton Schmidt

Latin II Freshmen – D Period
1st : Hana Arriaga
2nd : Alexander Bradley
3rd : Rachel Nezzer

Latin II Upperclassmen 
1st : Alessandra Massa
2nd : Max Bartee
3rd : Tom Hogan

Latin III – B Period
1st : Brendan Bowyer
2nd : Joel Campbell
3rd : Bryce Deskins & Ariana Weiss

Latin III – F Period
1st : Carson Carroll
2nd : Annika Ostrom
3rd : Maya Kidd & Wesley Weidenmeier

AP & Pre-AP non-seniors
1st : Connor Brucker
2nd : Noelle Brimble
3rd : Asa Buehler & Simran Frontain

Advanced Topics & AP seniors
1st : Nate Eakman
2nd : Olivia Hindera & Mariah Sager
3rd : Jaron Shrock

Clark Certamen Tournament a Success
a. d. VII Kal. Nov. (October 26th, 2013)

The weekend of October 26th, the St. Andrews Certamen teams traveled to Clark High School in San Antonio for the annual Clark Certamen Tournament. All five teams from the middle and upper schools did extremely well. The Advanced A-team consisting of captain Olivia Hindera, Ariana Weiss, Wesley Wiedenmeier and Bryce Deskins won all of their preliminary rounds and then advanced to the final round. In the first round they played Westlake Red and LASA, in the second round they played St. Andrew's B and Westlake Blue, and in the third round they played Reagan A and Churchill. After these three rounds, they made finals as the second highest scoring team. Clark Black and Reagan B also made finals. The St. Andrew's team was ahead most of the round, and going into the last tossup the score was St. Andrew's A with 115 points and Clark Black with 100. Clark got the last question and both boni, so they ended up winning by with 120 points to the St. Andrew's 115 points. It was an exciting, close, and well-fought match-up. The St. Andrew's teams will play next in San Antonio at St. Mary's Hall on December 7th.

US Latin Club Celebrates the Anniversary of the Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
a. d. VII Kal. Sep. (August 26th, 2013)

To memorialize the amazingly destructive and devastating eruption that occurred 1,934 years ago, the St. Andrews Upper School Latin Club had an eruption of a different kind- an exploding cake! On August 26th, 2013 during X-Period the Latin Club celebrated the historical event of the Mt. Vesuvius's Eruption by a steaming, bubbling Mt. Vesuvius Cake courtesy of Mrs. Dawn Bowyer. The real eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D while vastly devastating the surrounding cities created a future archeological wonder for all of us to see in the modern day. The lava and ash preserved Roman cities literally in a stone tomb so air tight it prevented even food stuffs from degrading. Now these cities can be observed at the active archeological sites. One of the best preserved cities, Pompeii, is now well known as a tourist attraction.

Latin students attend 60th annual NJCL Convention in Las Vegas
a. d. IV Kal. Aug. (July 29th, 2013)

Twenty members of the St. Andrew's Latin Club participated in the 2013 National Junior Classical League convention that was held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 22nd to the 27th. Participants competed in athletics (such as swimming, track, and ultimate Frisbee), art contests, and daily academic exams. Many of the students placed in the top ten of their respective competitions, including academic tests, graphic arts, speaking and writing contests, and "Olympika" (athletics). Students also assembled for state fellowship and general assemblies, where they competed to show their spirit for their state, and marched in the Spirit Procession wearing their best Roman costumes along with about 1200 other Latin students from across the nation. The St. Andrew's trip also included a couple of spectacular Las Vegas shows, an awe-inspiring trip to the Hoover Dam, and an educational river raft tour.

The NJCL Convention is run in part by student officers elected by the delegates to the convention. Trace Turner has served the organization admirably for the last year as Editor of the Torch: US, the NJCL quarterly. At this convention many of our 2013 grads also joined the Senior Classical League, an organization (made up of former JCL members after they graduate high school) that helps put on some of the events at NJCL convention. Upon becoming a member of the SCL at this convention, Trace Turner was elected to the position of SCL Editor. Additionally Wesley Wiedenmeier, the Texas State Junior Classical League webmaster, won second place in the national website contest for all his work on the website this past year.

Two of our students were acknowledged for overall points as well. When a student places in the top five in a contest at NJCL he or she receives "personal sweepstakes points." At the end of the convention awards are given for the most sweepstakes points in each category. Noelle Brimble placed 9th and Walton Schmidt placed 10th in the Creative Arts Sweepstakes category.

Full results:

1st Place

Bryce Deskins - Classical Art (Level 2)
Henry Gaudin - 50-yard Breaststroke in Olympika
Walton Schmidt - Sight Latin Reading (Level 1)
Trace Turner - Traditional Photography (Grade 12)


2nd Place

Wesley Weidenmeier - Website Contest
Bryce Deskins - Open Certamen (Intermediate Level)


3rd Place

Noelle Brimble - Costume (Girls)
Noelle Brimble - English Oratory (Grade 10)
Charlie Dennis - Dramatic Interpretation (Poetry)
Nate Eakman - Modern Myth
Mariah Sager - Digital Scrapbook
Reeves Smith - Mottoes (Level 5+)
Trace Turner - Digitally Enhanced Photography (Grade 12)
Ariana Weiss - Classical Art (Level 2)


4th Place

Nate Eakman - Cartoons (Grades 11-12)
Mariah Sager - Latin Derivatives (Level 5+)
Walton Schmidt - Mosaics (Grades 7-9)
Trace Turner - Classical Art (Level 5+)


6th Place

Charlie Dennis - Classical Art (Level 5+)
Nate Eakman - Classical Art (Level 3)
Olivia Hindera - Mottoes (Level 4)
Tom Hogan - Essay (Grade 9)
William McKinnerney - Multimedia (Grades 7-9)
Marshall Wilson - Impromptu Art (Grade 12)


7th Place

Connor Blake - 400 Meter Run in Olympika
Nate Eakman - Greek Derivatives (Level 3)
Mariah Sager - Greek Derivatives (Level 5+)
Katherine Salinas - Traditional Photography (Grades 7-9)


8th Place

Connor Blake - Sight Latin Reading (Poetry)
Noelle Brimble - Dramatic Interpretation (Poetry)
Bryce Deskins - Traditional Photography (Grade 10)
Nolan McNearney - Sight Latin Reading (Level 1)
Mariah Sager - Classical Art (Level 5+)
Mariah Sager - Latin Vocabulary (Level 5+)
Wesley Wiedenmeier - Essay (Grade 10)
Marshall Wilson - Latin Derivatives (Level 1)


9th Place

Noelle Brimble - Overall Creative Arts Sweepstakes
Tom Hogan - Black Ink Drawing (Grades 7-9)
Rachel Nezzer - Latin Literature (Level 1)
Reeves Smith - Classical Art (Level 5+)
Marshall Wilson - Essay (Grade 12)


10th Place

Bryce Deskins - Mottoes (Level 2)
Bryce Deskins - Essay (Grade 10)
Rachel Nezzer - Sight Latin Reading (Level 1)
Katherine Salinas - Classical Greek (Level 1)
Walton Schmidt - Overall Creative Arts Sweepstakes
Reeves Smith - Essay (Grade 12)
Trace Turner - Illustrated Quotations (Grades 10-12)
Wesley Wiedenmeier - Reading Comprehension (Level 2)

New Latin Club Officers: 2013-2014
a. d. VIII Kal. Iun. (May 25th, 2013)

In a glorious ode to the end of the 2012-2013 school year Latin Club Students and friends celebrated at Mr. Michaud’s lake house by enjoying the pool and the nearby lake complete with trapeze swing. The famous annual Lake Party almost made history in being the first Lake Party to almost be rained out. In addition to the fun, games and rain, the 2013-2014 Officer Elections took place at the poolside in a ceremony led by our departing Senior Consul Trace Turner. This year’s election ended smoothly with Mariah Sager taking the Senior Consul position and only one tie for the Historicus Peregrinus position. The position is to be filled by co-historians James Krajicek (who is in charge of writing all articles pertaining to the Latin Club) and Caroline Graves (who will enter all Community Service and Publicity Contests for the Latin Club).

Your 2013-2014 Latin Club Officers! audaces fortuna iuvat!


Maureen O'Donnell Book Awards
a. d. XVII Kal. Iun. (May 16th, 2013)

The National Latin Exam Committee has commended Nick Fox and Jaron Shrock for winning four consecutive gold medals on the exam. In recognition of this prestigious accomplishment, they are both receiving an Oxford Classical Dictionary.

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