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Cookie Dough Available from your Favorite Latin Club Member until Friday October 14th
a. d. VI Id. Oct. (October 10th, 2011)

We are currently half way through our annual cookie dough sale. Students this year are selling a high quality cookie dough along with soft pretzels, pretzel dogs, and pizzas. If you are interested in purchasing cookie dough, you can find your favorite Latin Club member or order online, through the link above. We would like to thank the community for supporting our program through the Cookie Dough Sale.

Toga Exchange October 9 at the Lower School
a. d. III Kal. Oct. (September 29th, 2011)

The date for the toga exchange has been set for Sunday, October 9th from 1:30-3:30. It will take place in the outdoor amphitheater on the Lower School Campus. In the case of rain, the event will be moved to the nearby sixth grade hallway.

Costume materials are still being accepted by both Mr. Michaud and Ms. Dill. Materials will also be accepted on the day of the exchange.

Toga Exchange!
a. d. VII Id. Sep. (September 7th, 2011)

This year the Latin Department will be sponsoring a toga/tunic/stola exchange before the Latin Banquet. No date has been set for the exchange, but we are starting to collect items. Please bring old Latin Banquet costumes to donate to the exchange to Ms. Dill's room (59 in the 6th grade wing) on the 31st St. campus or to Mr. Michaud's room (901) on the Upper School campus.

Mons Vesuvius
Non. Sep. (September 5th, 2011)

The Upper School Latin students are bringing history to life in the classroom by celebrating the memorial of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, the ancient volcano which destroyed Pompeii and other towns around the bay of Naples. The Upper School Latin Club historian writes:

Every year on August 24 students gather in Ms. Luongo's room to remember the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. It's an important day in Latin history, as this eruption preserved four towns, burying them in ash and lava. The Latin Club celebrates this day by baking a cake of course! Mrs. Osborn so kindly baked a chocolate cake in the shape of a volcano and left a hole in the center for lava to erupt from. A little bit of vinegar was added and seconds later pink lava was flowing from the top! Each Latin student was given a slice of cake and allowed to enjoy the special day in the company of other Latin students, teachers and parents.

Two St. Andrew's Students Finish Top in the Nation at National Latin Convention
prid. Non. Aug. (August 4th, 2011)

Fifteen students from St. Andrew's Upper School participated in the 2011 National Junior Classical League convention held at Eastern Kentucky University from July 25 to July 30. Many students excelled in their individual academic, creative arts, and graphic arts contests. The Advanced level Competitive Certamen team—comprised primarily of St. Andrew's students—also won third place in the national tournament. Additionally, another St. Andrew's student, Olivia Hindera, took second place in the Intermediate level Open Certamen tournament along with teammates from other states. During the week all conventioneers gathered for daily general assemblies where they competed to show their spirit. As the Texas State Junior Classical League president for 2011-2012, St. Andrew's student Ali Campion led evening state fellowship meetings where Texas delegates prepared for the spirit competitions in addition to voting for next year's NJCL student officer board. Incoming TSJCL Editor, Trace Turner, also assisted Ali, along with the rest of the St. Andrew's delegation who worked hard to support her in role as President. On the final day of the convention all participants marched in the Day in Old Rome Procession through campus while wearing their best Roman costumes. This trip to Kentucky for the St. Andrew's group also included a Cincinnati Reds baseball game, a day of thrills at Kings Island Amusement Park, and a visit to the beautiful Newport Aquarium.

Two remarkable students managed to finish not only in first place in their level of Latin, but achieved the high score overall at the convention: Scott Dollen on the Mythology test and Rachel Deleery on the Classical Art test. This high score recognition means the student answered the most questions correctly out of any student at the convention in these written contests.

The Advanced Certamen team from St. Andrew's (plus one Westlake Chap this year), three-time defending state champions, represented the entire state of Texas in this level of the competitive tournament. The team was comprised of 2011 graduates Scott Dollen and Reid Swanger, Emma Richardson of the class of 2012, as well as Westlake High School 2011 graduate Mark Stone. The competition was steep this year, however, and after a valiant climb to the second-seed position in semifinals these students found themselves playing the two great certamen powerhouse states of Florida and Virginia in the final round. Although all players made a great effort to outplay the competition by answering the challenging questions quickly and accurately, both the Florida and Virginia teams had pulled ahead as the final round neared its end. Although Texas was too far behind to catch up and place anywhere but third, they never gave up, continuing to play and attempting to answer questions correctly. Before the final question, when the score was Florida 130, Virginia 110, and Texas 60, Virginia had a chance to catch up and tie with Florida if they could answer the last question before the other teams. Texas captain Reid Swanger, however, took the question before Virginia could answer, locking in Florida as the champions. Although the Virginia players were most disappointed by the result, the Florida team sent grateful glances to the Texas players as they correctly answered the two following bonus questions. The final score was Florida 130, Virginia 110, and Texas 80. Although this hardworking Texas team from St. Andrew's did not finish first, they made their fans proud of their final round—never giving up and playing the last round like champions until the bitter end.

The team would like to thank all their supporters—parents, friends, and teachers—as well as the alternate players who tirelessly practiced with the team throughout the summer: Connor Butler, Rachel Deleery, Nate Eakman, Olivia Hindera, Trace Turner, and team manager Catherine Pace. The team would also like to thank graduate Philip Swanger '08 for his help during the convention. The coaching staff—Jennie Luongo, Nathan Michaud, Andrew Rist, and Lauren Dill—is also grateful to the supportive parents for putting up with long practice hours to achieve this fantastic third place result.
Here are the complete NJCL test results, highlighting the students who placed from 1st to 10th in their contests:

Rachel Deleery – Classical Art
Scott Dollen – Mythology

Ali Campion – Publications Contest
Ali Campion – Dramatic Interpretation, Girls' Poetry
Ali Campion – Sight Latin Recitation, Girls' Poetry
Olivia Hindera – Open Certamen, Intermediate Level
Reid Swanger – Roman History, Level 5

Scott Dollen – Roman Life, Level 5
Christa Keefer – Sight Latin Girls' Poetry

Nate Eakman – Latin Literature, Level 1
Nate Eakman – Reading Comprehension, Level 1
Olivia Hindera – Classical Art, Level 2
Reid Swanger – Latin Literature, Level 5

Catherine Pace – Sight Latin Recitation, Level 2 Girls
Emma Richardson – Latin Grammar, Level 4

Ali Campion – Dolls handicrafts, Grade 11
Rachel Deleery – Mythology, Level 4
Scott Dollen – Latin Derivatives, Level 5
Catherine Pace – Traditional Photography, Grade 11
Reid Swanger – Ancient Geography, Level 5

Scott Dollen – Latin Literature, Level 5
Olivia Hindera – Mottoes, Level 2

Connor Butler – Roman Life, Level 3
Nate Eakman – Academic Heptathlon, Level 1
Catherine Pace – Essay, Grade 11 Girls
Emma Richardson – Mottoes, Level 4
Reid Swanger – Academic Heptathlon, Level 5

Connor Butler – Latin Literature, Level 3
Rachel Deleery – Greek Life & Literature, Level 4
Reid Swanger – Latin Vocabulary, Level 5

Ali Campion – Computer Enhanced Photography, Grade 11
Ali Campion – Jewelry handicrafts, Grade 11
Ali Campion – Traditional Photography, Grade 11
Rachel Deleery – Traditional State Scrapbook
Mariah Sager – Dramatic Interpretation, Girls' Poetry
Mariah Sager – Sight Latin Recitation, Girls' Prose
Reid Swanger – Academic Decathlon
Reid Swanger – Reading Comprehension: Prose, Level 5

St. Andrew's Students Excel on the National Latin Exam
a. d. IV Kal. Mai. (April 28th, 2011)

On March 2nd, Latin students at the Upper school took the National Latin Exam. They were joined by and competed with over 150,000 students from all 50 states and 12 foreign countries including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, England, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Zimbabwe, Iran, and Malaysia. There are separate exams for different levels of Latin, and students in each level are awarded medals (gold and silver) for high achievement. Forty-five Upper School students were recognized with some kind of award. Nineteen students received Gold Medals and fifteen received Silver Medals, the two highest awards on the exam.

Gold Medals

Nate Eakman
Olivia Hindera
Frankie Chen
Jaron Shrock
Sam Fason
Nick Fox
Julia Josowitz
Annie Osborne
Evan Young
Patrick Davis
Cameron Osborn
Will Pearson
Charlie Dennis
William Howard
Kendle Windham
Emma Richardson
Christa Keefer
Daniel Martens
Ali Campion

Silver Medals

Andy Newell
Michelle Robles
Gillean Kelly
Tristan Reed
Catherine Pace
Reeves Smith
Parker Kell
Gabbie Hindera
Brendan Ingram
Connor Butler
Trace Turner
Bryant Bowyer
Rachel Deleery
Jade Ross
Colin Vanderburg

Magna Cum Laude

Lancer Sharp
Andrew Barron
Bethany Holland
Eliana Gill
Patrick Dunham
Max Schotz
Mariah Sager
Mason Osborn
Reid Swanger

Cum Laude

Rachel Dimston
Scott Dollen

As a senior receiving a gold medal, Christa Keefer has also received a scholarship application for the prestigious NLE scholarship.

Latin Students Win Awards on Roman Civilization Exam
a. d. XVII Kal. Mai. (April 15th, 2011)

On February 14, eight Latin students at the Upper School competed in the online National Roman Civilization Exam. Seven were honored for their outstanding achievement on the exam with medals. Rachel Deleery, Mason Osborn, and Reid Swanger won gold medals. Rachel Dimston, Gabbie Hindera, and Trace Turner won silver medals. Connor Blake won a bronze medal. This is the second year that the National Roman Civilization Exam has been administered. Rachel Deleery and Rachel Dimston have won medals in each year of its existence.

Upper and Middle School Latin students compete at State JCL Convention; Advanced Certamen players advance to Nationals; Ali Campion elected President of the Texas State JCL.
a. d. V Kal. Apr. (March 28th, 2011)

On March 25 and 26, St. Andrew's Upper School students competed at the Texas State Junior Classical League convention at Atascocita High School near Houston, Texas. Students participated in academic, artistic, and athletic contests.

Two Austin-area Certamen teams that included students from St. Andrew's competed in the state tournament. The advanced division team, composed almost entirely of St. Andrew's students: Scott Dollen, Mason Osborn, Emma Richardson, and captain Reid Swanger, won for the third straight year. The novice division team including four St. Andrew's students: Nate Eakman, Alex Lewis, Lance Sharp, and Connor Blake placed second after a hard-fought final round. Congratulations to these Certamen players!

Every year at the TSJCL convention, the member schools elect a board of student officers to lead the organization for the following year. This year two St. Andrew's students have served as officers, Rachel Deleery as Historian and Ali Campion as Editor of the organization's publication, the Torch. At the convention this year, Ali Campion ran for the office of President, which she won by a stunning number of votes. Ali will serve as President of the Texas State Junior Classical League during the next year.

Three students won awards for having the highest score for their individual contests in any level: Scott Dollen in Mythology, Ali Campion in Dramatic Interpretation, and Reid Swanger in Roman History and the Academic Decathlon. For winning the high score on the Decathlon, Reid receives the title of Texas State Latin Student of the Year and a $1500 dollar prize.

Here are the complete results:

First Place
Ali Campion - Dramatic Interp Advanced Level IV
Scott Dollen - Mythology Level V+
Scott Dollen - Roman Life Level V+
Cameron Osborn - Open Certamen Advanced Level
Reid Swanger - Decathlon Level V+
Reid Swanger - History Level V+

Second Place
Ali Campion - Sight Recitation Level IV
Rachel Deleery - Greek Life and Literature Level IV
Mason Osborn - Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose Level V+
Mason Osborn - Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry Level V+
Emma Richardson - Advanced Grammar Level IV
Colin Vanderburg - Latin Literature Level V+
Kendle Windham - Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose Level IV

Third Place
Rachel Deleery - Mythology Level IV
Nate Eakman - Decathlon Level I
Nate Eakman - Poetry
Daniel Martens - Geography of the Ancient World Level IV
Will Pearson - Sight Recitation Level III
Kendle Windham - Roman Life Level IV

Fourth Place
Connor Butler - Original English Oratory
Olivia Hindera - Mottoes and Abbreviations Level II
Julia Josowitz - Electronic Art
Annika Mele - Vocabulary Level 1/2 B
Annika Mele - Roman Life Level 1/2 B
Emma Richardson - Latin Derivatives Level IV
Jade Ross - Poster
Reeves Smith - Mottoes and Abbreviations Level III

Fifth Place
Bryant Bowyer - Roman History Level IV
Colin Vanderburg - Advanced Grammar Level V+

Students receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Bryant Bowyer, Connor Bulter, Frankie Chen, Rachel Deleery, Nate Eakman, Sam Fason, Olivia Hindera, Robert Luke, Mason Osborn, Emma Richardson, Lance Sharp, Reid Swanger.

Students receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Sam Andrews, Scott Dollen, Noah Ford, William Howard, Andy Newell, Annie Osborne, Catherine Pace, Jade Ross.

Students receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Asa Buehler, Logan Giberson, Julia Josowitz, Gillean Kelly, Ben Lear, Alex Lewis, Annika Mele, Charhong Quach, Trace Turner.

Students receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Connor Blake, Patrick Dunham, Kathryn Gernstein, Colin Hancock, Gabbie Hindera, Bethany Holland, Madeleine Mele, Michelle Robles.

Overall, the Upper School placed 6th in Upper Division Sweepstakes, making us the highest-ranked SPC school at the event. Additionally, our club was recognized with the third place prize in the Latin Club of the Year contest.

The Latin teachers would like to thank Donna Osborn for chaperoning this trip, and Marty and Derry Swanger, Shawna Butler, Kelley Shrock, Janet and Gary Eakman, Jeff Osborne, and Mike and Claudia Dollen for their help ferrying students between the various events in Houston. Thanks also to all the parents who donated food and showed up to watch candidates' speeches and Certamen finals. Good luck to all as we prepare for Nationals this summer at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.

St. Andrew's Latin Clubs Experience Wild Success at 2011 Area Convention
a. d. V Non. Mar. (March 3rd, 2011)

On Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26 the St. Andrew's Upper and Middle School Latin Clubs attended Area F Latin Convention at Pflugerville. Our Intermediate certamen team composed of Frankie Chen, Olivia Hindera, Sam Fason, and Captain Jaron Shrock advanced to finals and won third place. The Advanced certamen team (Scott Dollen, Mason Osborn, Emma Richardson, and Captain Reid Swanger) and the Novice team (Connor Blake, Nate Eakman, Captain Alex Lewis, and Lancer Sharp) both won first place and will represent the area at the state tournament. The Middle School certamen, composed of Asa Buehler, Logan Giberson, McLean Ewbank, Henry Gaudin, Marco Quaroni, and Davison Thompson missed playing in finals by 15 points.

As a school, St. Andrew's Upper School took first in the overall academic sweepstakes, calculated by assigning points for first, second, and third place finishes. St. Andrew's beat every other school there in points amassed. The Middle School placed 5th in the overall sweepstakes for the middle school level. Five students were recognized for having the highest score at any level on their tests: Scott Dollen for Mythology and Roman Life, Mason Osborn for Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose and Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry, Ali Campion for Sight Recitation and Dramatic Interpretation Advanced Prose, Jade Ross for Mottoes, and Reid Swanger for Roman History and Decathlon. As the winner of the high score on the Decathlon, Reid has been named the Armadillo Classical Society's Senior Scholar and has won a scholarship of $563, one dollar for every competitor in attendance. Additionally, Nate Eakman and Caroline Graves got the highest score on the Pentathlon of all students in their level (Latin I and Latin 1/2 A, respectively), a great accomplishment as every student at the convention takes that contest.

The individual awards follow.

Academic Contests
First Place

Sam Andrews: Roman Life Level III
Asa Buehler: Ancient Geography Level 1/2 B
Ali Campion: Sight Recitation Level IV
Ali Campion: Dramatic Interpretation Girls Level IV
Rachel Deleery: Mythology Level IV
Scott Dollen: Mythology Level V+
Scott Dollen: Roman Life Level V+
Nate Eakman: Decathlon Level I
Nate Eakman: Mythology Level I
McLean Ewbank: Latin Literature Level 1/2 A
Olivia Hindera: Mythology Level II
Olivia Hindera: Mottoes and Phrases Level II
Bethany Holland: Dramatic Interpretation Girls Level II
Henry Gaudin: Mottoes Level 1/2 A
Caroline Graves: Sight Recitation Level 1/2 A
Robert Luke: Roman History Level III
Annika Mele: Vocabulary Level 1/2 B
Noah Mele: Roman History Level 1/2 A
Mason Osborn: Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry Level V+
Mason Osborn: Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose Level V+
Will Pearson: Sight Recitation Level III
Jade Ross: Mottoes and Phrases Level IV
Jared Samuels: Greek Life and Literature Level II
Reeves Smith: Mottoes and Phrases Level III
Reid Swanger: Roman History Level V+
Reid Swanger: Decathlon Level V+

Second Place

Alex Adams: Latin Literature Level II
Judith Allen: Greek Derivatives Level III
Sam Andrews: Vocabulary Level III
Connor Butler: Roman History Level III
Frankie Chen: Advanced Grammar Level II
Patrick Davis: Mottoes and Phrases Level III
Rachel Deleery: Greek Life and Literature Level IV
Sam Fason: Geography of the Ancient World Level II
Colin Hancock: Ancient Geography Level 1/2 B
Ingrid Hoff: Latin Literature Level III
Alex Lewis: Mottoes and Phrases Level I
Robert Luke: Geography of the Ancient World Level III
Daniel Martens: Geography of the Ancient World Level IV
Catherine Pace: Sight Recitation Level II
Will Pearson: Decathlon Level III
Marco Quaroni: Ancient Geography Level 1/2 A
Emma Richardson: Latin Derivatives Level IV
Jade Ross: Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry Level IV
Max Schotz: Dramatic Interpretation Boys Level III
Jaron Shrock: Decathlon Level II
Colin Vanderburg: Latin Literature Level V+
Kendle Windham: Roman Life Level IV

Third Place

Connor Butler: Latin Literature Level III
Bryant Bowyer: Roman History Level IV
Patrick Dunham: Greek Derivatives Level II
Kate Fox: Latin Derivatives Level 1/2 A
Nick Fox: Decathlon Level II
Logan Giberson: Vocabulary Level 1/2 B
Caroline Graves: Roman Life Level 1/2 A
Parker Kell: Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry Level III
Gillean Kelly: Sight Recitation Level II
Madeleine Mele: Latin Derivatives Level 1/2 B
Andy Newell: Geography of the Ancient World Level II
Cameron Osborn: Vocabulary Level III
Annie Osborne: Mythology Level II
Emma Richardson: Advanced Grammar Level IV
Michelle Robles: Greek Life and Literature Level II
Mariah Sager: Dramatic Interpretation Girls Level III
Vincent Searcy: Vocabulary Level 1/2 A

Classical Civilization
First Place

Gabbie Hindera: Costume (Agave)
Christine Snitkjaer: Monochromatic Art

Second Place

Connor Butler: Costume (Charon)
Connor Butler: Play
Ali Campion: Play
Charlie Dennis: Play
Kate Fox: Monochromatic Drawing Middle School Level
Eliana Gill: Play
William Howard: Play
Daniel Martens: Couples Costume (Jupiter and Io)
Will Pearson: Vocal Solo
Will Pearson: Play
Kendle Windham: Couples Costume (Jupiter and Io)

Third Place

Eliana Gill: Couples Costume (Jupiter and Io)
Evan Young: Couples Costume (Jupiter and Io)

Students receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Sam Andrews, Asa Buehler, Connor Butler, Frankie Chen, Patrick Davis, Rachel Deleery, Scott Dollen, Nate Eakman (High Score for Level I), McLean Ewbank, Sam Fason, Nick Fox, Logan Giberson, Caroline Graves (high score for Level 1/2 A), Henry Gaudin, Olivia Hindera, William Howard, Julia Josowitz, Alex Lewis, Robert Luke, Daniel Martens, Andy Newell, Cameron Osborn, Mason Osborn, Annie Osborne, Marco Quaroni, Emma Richardson, Jaron Shrock, Reid Swanger, Evan Young

Students receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Alex Adams, Andrew Barron, Bryant Bowyer, Ali Campion, Charlie Dennis, Tim Fallon, Kathryn Gernstein, Bethany Holland, Christa Keefer, Gillean Kelly, Noah Mele, Mason Neal, Will Pearson, Tristan Reed, Mariah Sager, Vincent Searcy, Lance Sharp, Reeves Smith, Trace Turner, Colin Vanderburg, Kendle Windham

Students receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Judith Allen, Connor Blake, Patrick Dunham, Noah Ford, Kate Fox, Simran Frontain, Eliana Gill, Colin Hancock, Gabbie Hindera, Ingrid Hoff, Brendan Ingram, Ben Lear, Callie McConnico, Annika Mele, Catherine Pace, Michelle Robles, Jade Ross, Sara Thiessen, Davison Thompson, Jared Samuels

Students receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Taylor Dill, Emily Dodds, Mason Ezell, Ana Marcks, Sam Martens, Madeleine Mele, Maryhelen Murray, Char Quach, Max Schotz, Christine Snitkjaer

Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year, especially to Claudia Dollen and Cheryl Hindera, who coordinated food for the competitors. Congratulations to all the winners and bonam fortunam omnibus at State. The State Convention will be held on March 25-26 at Atascocita High School near Houston.

Westwood Certamen Tournament a success for St. Andrew's teams
Kal. Feb. (February 1st, 2011)

The St. Andrew's Latin Club is very proud to announce that once again our certamen teams have been doing their best representing the school. Over the weekend at Westwood High School our Advanced Team placed first, beating the other local teams once again. The Novice Team hit a home run and brought back another first place trophy for our Latin Club. The Intermediate Team narrowly missed first place and continues to make our school proud with their performance by placing second. Although the Middle School team did not make it into the final round for their level, they are working hard to make that goal a reality at the next tournament. The Latin Club would like to thank all members and parents who have helped support our teams.

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