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Latin Students win Medals for the National Classical Etymology Exam
a. d. XIII Kal. Feb. (January 20th, 2011)

On November 29th several Latin students participated in the online National Classical Etymology Exam, testing their knowledge of English words derived from Latin or Greek roots. Medals are awarded for outstanding achievement on the exam. Gabbie Hindera was awarded a bronze medal, and the following students won silver medals: Rachel Dimston, Rachel Deleery, Mason Osborn, and Catherine Pace. Congratulations go out to all the students who participated.

Latin Club Hosts, Competes in, and Succeeds at the Crusader Classic
a. d. VIII Id. Ian. (January 6th, 2011)

On December 10th, the St. Andrew's Latin Club hosted and competed at the Crusader Classic Certamen Tournament. Sliding into first place at the Cru Classic was the Advanced team: Reid Swanger, Scott Dollen, Mason Osborn, and Emma Richardson; and the Novice team: Nate Eakman, Connor Blake, and Alex Lewis. Also, winning 2nd place was the intermediate team Olivia Hindera, Jaron Shrock, Frankie Chen, and Sam Fason. And finally, Logan Giberson, Asa Buehler, Ariana Weiss, and Marco Quaroni of the Middle School team stole third place. Many thanks to all the volunteers that helped make the Cru Classic happen and run smoothly; thanks to you St. Andrew's was able to successfully put on the Cru Classic and show the other schools what being a Crusader is all about!

Certamen teams brave traffic to compete at Clark tournament in San Antonio
Kal. Nov. (November 1st, 2010)

On October 30, the day before Halloween. Five teams from St. Andrew's Upper School and one from the Middle School competed at the Clark Certamen tournament against stiff competition. All teams performed well. With several teams just missing the final round. The defending national champion advanced team, consisting of captain Reid Swanger, Scott Dollen, Rachel Deleery, and Emma Richardson, did make it to the final round and emerged victorious, more than doubling the score of their closest competitor in the final round and blanking SPC rival St. Mary's Hall, thought to be their toughest competitor. The team attributes this victory to a bout of near psychicness from team captain, Reid Swanger, who repeatedly made jaw-dropping educated guesses. Said St. Mary's Hall captain, Andrew Margrave (clap clap, clap clap clap) in reference to Swanger's amazing final round, "that's just crazy."

Congratulations to all teams. All of the teams are looking forward to the November 20th tournament at Crockett.

Latin Club Sells Cookie Dough, Community Rejoices
prid. Id. Oct. (October 14th, 2010)

With the announcement on October 5th that the Latin Club had begun to sell cookie dough again, an elated community has taken to the streets in search of Latin students willing to sell them some delicious cookie dough. The Latin Club increased demand for the delicious goodies even more when they announced that they would be selling the dough of revered community member, Colleen Kell, who, besides her successful career as a fifth grade teacher, is also a licensed food preparer. Mrs. Kell's cookie dough has long been reputed superior to the dough of other distributors. The St. Andrew's Latin Club has expressed great joy at the quality of the product they are distributing and are looking forward to great success. Community members can get their hands on some delicious dough by finding an Upper or Middle School Latin student and ordering from them, or by visiting the Latin Department's website, (see link above). Do not miss out on this great opportunity; the sale ends on October 27th.

St. Andrew's Latin Club Ventures to Fargo, Brings Home National Certamen Championship
prid. Non. Aug. (August 4th, 2010)

Eighteen members of the St. Andrew's Latin Club participated in the 2010 National Junior Classical League convention that was held at North Dakota State University in Fargo from July 26th to August 1st. While all of the students excelled in their individual academic and art contests, the Advanced Certamen team won the National Certamen Championship. In addition to their individual contests, students assembled for state fellowship meetings and general assemblies, where they competed to show their spirit. On the final day, students marched in the Day in Old Rome Procession through campus while wearing their best Roman costumes along with approximately 1500 other Latin students from across the nation. This trip to the Midwest also included seeing the Mall of America in Minneapolis and a day of fun at Valleyfair Amusement park.

The advanced certamen team from St. Andrew's, two-time defending state champions, represented the entire state of Texas in this very heated competition. Scott Dollen, Matthew Miller, Mason Osborn, and Reid Swanger were the primary players with Colin Vanderburg, Rachel Deleery, Ale Fairchild from Reagan in San Antonio and Andrew Margrave from St. Mary's Hall in San Antonio, serving as alternates. (It is the prerogative of a state championship team to invite other outstanding players from around the state to play if they so choose.) The team played three preliminary rounds on Wednesday and Thursday, racking up as many points as possible to gain a favorable position in the semifinal bracket. The team advanced as the third seed into the semifinal where they played teams from New Hampshire and the certamen powerhouse state of Virginia. After a slow start against Virginia, the team pulled ahead by 70 at the end of the match for a place in finals. The team then faced two other certamen powerhouses--Wisconsin and Florida. Both our team and Florida struggled to score many points early in the round as Wisconsin pulled ahead. Halfway through the match things began to turn around, and our boys gained confidence when Reid Swanger correctly answered a literature question on a great buzz. Soon after, Mason Osborn correctly answered a question about a lengthy Latin passage. Mason answered the "passage" question correctly in every round of National competition. Quite an accomplishment! Matthew Miller continued the rebound when he correctly guessed the end of a Latin translation on a very early buzz. However, the score remained close. With three questions left in the match, Scott Dollen answered a mythology question correctly and pulled his team into the lead. The final question was heart-stopping as Wisconsin signaled first but was unable to answer correctly and gain enough points for the win. As Florida was answering the final question, the Texas supporters began celebrating knowing that our team had already won with a final score of Texas-90, Wisconsin-80, Florida-70.

At the final awards ceremony the team received the Maureen O'Donnell memorial traveling trophy to bring home and a $500 prize to use as they please. Traditionally the winning team donates this monetary award to the charity of their choice. Our team chose one close to the heart of the St. Andrew's community--The Gazelle Foundation--the benefits of which they described with pride in their acceptance speech to the entire assembly of convention attendees. Additionally 2010 graduate Matthew Miller was named Certamen MVP for his particularly impressive performance in the final match.

This is the second National Certamen Championship for St. Andrew's students in the school's history, the first having been just six years before in 2004. Three of the members of that 2004 team who are now St. Andrew's Latin teachers--Lauren Dill, Nathan Michaud, and Andrew Rist--served as coaches along with Latin department head Jennie Luongo. The team would also like to thank 2008 SAS grad Philip Swanger for his help during practices before and during convention as well as their peers who attended practices and supported during the tournament. Of course the players are ultimately grateful to their wonderful and supporting parents who helped feed the team throughout the long hours leading up to their success this summer.

Additionally, there were many outstanding individual performances. Sarah Thompson, who served as Texas State JCL newsletter editor for the 2009-2010 school year, received first place in the national publication contest. Ali Campion also placed 10th in overall creative arts sweepstakes. Reid Swanger placed fifth in Decathlon, the most challenging test at the convention, and won $100 cash for that accomplishment.

Complete NJCL Contest Results:

Dramatic Interpretation Poetry Level 3 Girls Ali Campion
Roman Life Level 5Scott Dollen
Reading Comprehension Poetry Level 5Mason Osborn
Cartoons Grades 11-12 Colin Vanderburg

Sight Latin Recitation Poetry Level 3 Girls Ali Campion
Latin Grammar Advanced Level 5 Matthew Miller
Reading Comprehension Prose Level 5 Matthew Miller
Classical Art Level 5 Mason Osborn
Sight Latin Recitation Level 1 Girls Catherine Pace
Roman History Level 5 Reid Swanger

Mythology Level 5 Scott Dollen
Mottoes Level 5 Matthew Miller
Open Certamen Intermediate Level Cameron Osborn
Latin Literature Level 5 Reid Swanger
Mottoes Level 5 Reid Swanger

Open Certamen Intermediate Level Connor Butler
Classical Art Level 3 Rachel Deleery
Sight Latin Recitation Poetry Level 5 Boys Matthew Miller
Latin Grammar Advanced Level 5 Mason Osborn
Dolls Grade 10 Catherine Pace
Ancient Geography Level 5 Reid Swanger
Roman Life Level 5 Reid Swanger

English Oratory Middle Division Connor Butler
Greek Life and Literature Level 3 Rachel Deleery
Academic Decathlon Reid Swanger

Essay Grade 9 Boys Sam Andrews
Mythology Level 3 Rachel Deleery
Greek Life and Literature Level 5 Scott Dollen
Mottoes Level 5 Scott Dollen
Classical Art Level 5 Matthew Miller
Computer Enhanced Photography Grade 10 Emma Richardson
Academic Heptathlon Level 5 Reid Swanger
Reading Comprehension Prose Level 5 Reid Swanger
Reading Comprehension Prose Level 4 Colin Vanderburg

Academic Decathlon Scott Dollen
Latin Derivatives Level 5 Scott Dollen
Latin Literature Level 5 Scott Dollen
Roman Life Level 1/2 Colin Hancock
Latin Vocabulary Level 5 Matthew Miller
Latin Vocabulary Level 5 Mason Osborn
Latin Derivatives Level 5 Reid Swanger
Latin Derivatives Level 4 Colin Vanderburg

Modern Myth - Middle Division Rachel Deleery
Latin Vocabulary Level 5 Scott Dollen
Academic Heptathlon Level 1/2 Logan Giberson
Small Models Grades 7-9 Colin Hancock
Latin Derivatives Level 5 Mason Osborn
Hellenic History Level 5 Reid Swanger
Mythology Level 5 Reid Swanger
Reading Comprehension Poetry Level 5 Reid Swanger

English Oratory - Lower Division Sam Andrews
Greeting Cards Grade 10 Connor Butler
Academic Heptathlon Level 5 Scott Dollen
Roman History Level 1/2 Colin Hancock
Traditional Photography Grade 11 Mason Osborn
Latin Vocabulary Level 5 Reid Swanger
Classical Art Level 2 Trace Turner
Essay Grade 11 Boys Colin Vanderburg

Large Models Grade 7-9 Logan Giberson
Greek Life and Literature Level 4 Colin Vanderburg

Advanced Certamen Team Wins Back-To-Back State Championships; Upper School Latin Students Win Sweepstakes Award at State JCL Convention
a. d. VI Kal. Apr. (March 27th, 2010)

On March 25 and 27, St. Andrew's upper school students competed at the Texas State Junior Classical League convention at Lake Travis High School. Students participated in academic, artistic, and athletic contests.

St. Andrew's students competed in both the intermediate and advanced levels of certamen. The advanced division team was composed entirely of St. Andrew's students: Scott Dollen, Matt Miller, Mason Osborn, and captain Reid Swanger, with alternates Colin Vanderburg, Rachel Deleery, Ali Campion, and Emma Richardson. The intermediate division team included five St. Andrew's students: Connor Butler and Cameron Osborn as starters, and alternates Charlie Dennis, Rachel Dimston, and Trace Turner. The team also included players from Hill Country Christian Academy: Shane Jasek, Laura Mahaney, and Jonathan Mitchell. The Advanced level team persevered to overcome an initial deficit and to win first place by 120. It is their second state championship in a row! They will continue on to Nationals. Congratulations to these Certamen players!

Rachel Deleery, class of 2012, ran an excellent campaign for Historian and was elected. She will serve on the 2010-2011 TSJCL Executive Board.

Three students won awards for having the highest score for their individual contests in any level: Scott Dollen in Mythology, Matthew Miller in Grammar, and Ali Campion in Sight Recitation. In addition, Matthew Miller had the highest score of any level V student on the Pentathlon, the one test everyone at the convention takes.

Overall, the school placed 4th in Upper Division Sweepstakes, making us the highest-ranked Austin-area school, as well as the highest-ranked SPC school.

Here are the complete results:

First Place
Ali Campion Sight Recitation 3
Scott Dollen Mythology 5
Matthew Miller Advanced Grammar 5
Matthew Miller Vocabulary 5
Mason Osborn Reading Comprehension Poetry 5
Reid Swanger Roman History 5
Emily Dodds Softball Throw, HS Girls
Mason Osborn Frisbee Throw, HS Boys

Second Place
Ali Campion Girls' Dramatic Interpretation 3
Richard Dietz Mottoes 4
Scott Dollen Roman Life 5
Mason Osborn Reading Comprehension Prose 5
Reid Swanger Decathlon 5
Ali Campion Play
Caroline Dill Traditional Photography
William Howard Play
Mason Osborn Digital Photography
Will Pearson Play
Trace Turner Play

Third Place
Rachel Deleery Greek Life and Literature 3
Rachel Dimston Roman Life 3
Reeves Smith Mottoes 2
Daniel Martens Ancient Geography 3

Fourth Place
Emma Richardson Advanced Grammar 3
Colin Vanderburg Advanced Grammar 4
Lila Brand-Schmitz Vocal Ensemble
Ali Campion Vocal Ensemble
Richard Dietz Vocal Ensemble
Conor Keelan Vocal Ensemble
Annie Osborne Vocal Ensemble
Will Pearson Vocal Ensemble
Peter Steinbach Vocal Ensemble
Erica Weisman Vocal Ensemble
Sarah Thompson Mosaics

Fifth Place
Seth Davis Boys' Dramatic Interpretation 2
Robert Luke Roman History 2
Catherine Pace Sight Recitation 1

Sixth Place
Charlie Dennis Advanced Grammar 2
Richard Dietz Latin Derivatives 4
Rachel Deleery Mythology 3
Bryant Bowyer Roman History 3
Kendle Windham Roman Life 3
Lila Brand-Schmitz Greek Life and Literature 1
Christian Stull Greek Derivatives 4
Colin Vandergurg Sight Recitation 4
William Howard Decathlon 2
Jade Ross Reading Comprehension Poetry 3

Seventh Place
Austin Tedesco Latin Derivatives 5
Jose Lopez Sight Recitation 2
Annie Osborne Girls' Dramatic Interpretation 1
Bryant Bowyer Decathlon 3
Connor Butler Latin Oratory 2
Jade Ross Essay
Gabriela Hindera Original Oratory

Eighth Place
Emma Richardson Latin Derivatives 3
Jade Ross Mottoes 3
Trace Turner Mythology 2
William Pearson Greek History 2
Gabriela Hindera Three Dimensional Art

Ninth Place
Andy Newell Grammar 1
Lila Brand-Schmitz Roman Life 1
Conor Keelan Greek History 3
Ingrid Hoff Oil and Acrylic
Sarah Thompson Girls' Costume

Tenth Place
Nicholas Siegele Vocabulary 4
Garrett Holody Latin Literature 4
Garrett Holody Greek History 4
Ali Campion Vocal Solo

Students receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Sam Andrews, Bryant Bowyer, Connor Butler, Ali Campion, Rachel Deleery, Charlie Dennis, Richard Dietz, Rachel Dimston, Scott Dollen, William Howard, Robert Luke, Daniel Martens, Matthew Miller (highest score in level 5), Cameron Osborn, Mason Osborn, Annie Osborne, Will Pearson, Emma Richardson, Reid Swanger, Trace Turner, Kendle Windham.

Students receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Patrick Davis, Seth Davis, Ingrid Hoff, Conor Keelan, Jose Lopez, Mason Neal, Nick Siegele, Peter Steinbach, Colin Vanderburg.

Students receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Andrea DelVesco, Gabbie Hindera, Cristian Koitzsch, Tucker Long, Catherine Pace, Max Schotz, Sarah Thompson.

Students receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Judith Allen, Lila Brand-Schmitz, Taylor Dill, Emily Dodds, Eliana Gill, Garrett Holody, Anna Richards, Austin Tedesco, Erica Weisman.

The Latin teachers would like to thank Duke Njie, Claudia Dollen, Chris Miller, and Donna Osborn for chaperoning this trip. Thanks also to all the parents who donated food and showed up to watch Certamen finals. Good luck to all as we prepare for Nationals this summer at North Dakota State University in Fargo.

St. Andrew's Wins Baylor Latin Day Competition
a. d. IV Kal. Mar. (February 26th, 2010)

On Friday, February 26, upper schoolers Matthew Miller, Colin Vanderburg, Trace Turner, Robert Luke, Charlie Dennis, Conor Butler, Eliana Gill, Catherine Pace, Ali Campion, and Rachel Deleery went to Baylor Latin Day. The event includes a certamen competition, a Latin verb parsing bee, and a noun declining bee, along with a Plautine play and an oral Latin workshop. Matthew Miller placed first in the verb parsing bee, and Colin Vandeburg placed fourth in the same event. The certamen team won first coming from behind to beat our rivals from Hill Country Christian School. It was a great competition and great fun was had by all!

Upper School wins area Latin sweepstakes
a. d. IV Kal. Mar. (February 26th, 2010)

On Friday, February 19 and Saturday, February 20 the St. Andrew's Upper and Middle School Latin Clubs attended Area F Latin Convention hosted this year on the Upper School campus. Our Middle School certamen team of Asa Buehler, Nick Fox, Logan Giberson, and Julia Josowitz, along with alternates Sam Martens, Lancer Sharp, and Evan Young reached finals and won 2nd place. Our Novice certamen team composed of Andy Newell, Catherine Pace, Eliana Gill, and Annie Osborne advanced to finals and won second place. The Intermediate team of Connor Butler, Robert Luke, Cameron Osborn, Trace Turner, and alternates Gabi Hindera, Reeves Smith, Charlie Dennis, and Rachel Dimston took 2nd, and will be eligible to compete for spots on the team that will represent our area at the state convention. The Advanced certamen team composed of Reid Swanger, Matt Miller, Mason Osborn, Scott Dollen, and alternates Emma Richardson, Ali Campion, Rachel Deleery, and Colin Vanderburg won first place and will represent the area at the state tournament.

As a team, St. Andrew's Upper School took first in the overall academic sweepstakes by 98 points. The Middle School placed 5th. Four students were recognized for having the highest score at any level on their tests: Mason Osborn for Reading Comprehension in both the poetry and prose tests; Scott Dollen for Roman Life; Matthew Miller for Grammar, Ali Campion for Girls' Dramatic Interpretation, and Reid Swanger for the Decathlon. Reid was named the Armadillo Classical Society's Senior Scholar as the most outstanding Latin student at the convention, and Matthew Miller was awarded the ACS Senior College Scholarship.

The individual awards follow.

Academic contests

First place:
Asa Buehler Roman History 1/2 A
Jared Samuels Greek Life and Literature 1/2 B
Andy Newell Elementary Grammar 1
Annie Osborne Mythology 1
Eliana Gill Decathlon 1
Rachel Dimston Roman Life 2
Robert Luke Roman History 2
Jose Lopez Sight Recitation 2
Seth Davis Boys Dramatic Interpretation 2
Connor Butler Latin Oratory 2
Daniel Martens Geography 3
Mason Osborn Reading Comprehension - Prose 5+
Colin Vanderburg Sight Recitation 4
Reid Swanger Decathlon 5+
Matthew Miller Advanced Grammar 5+
Scott Dollen Mythology 5+
Scott Dollen Roman Life 5+
Reid Swanger Roman History 5+
Mason Osborn Reading Comprehension - Poetry 5+
Ali Campion Girls' Dramatic Interpretation 3

Second place:
John Sealy Greek Derivatives 1/2 A
Sara Thiessen Vocabulary 1/2 A
Nick Fox Decathlon 1/2 B
Lila Brand Schmidt Roman Life 1
Andy Newell Decathlon 1
Catherine Pace Sight Recitation 1
Charlie Dennis Advanced Grammar 2
Alex Adams Latin Literature 2
Will Pearson Greek History 2
William Howard Decathlon 2
Emma Richardson Advanced Grammar 3
Rachel Deleery Mythology 3
Richard Dietz Latin Derivatives 4
Katherine Stegmann Vocabulary 4
Garrett Holody Latin Literature 4
Richard Dietz Mottoes 4
Matthew Miller Decathlon 5+

Third place:
Ana Marcks Latin Derivatives 1/2 A
Logan Giberson Mythology 1/2 A
Colin Hancock Geography 1/2 A
Chloe Denham Latin Derivatives 1/2 B
Chloe Denham Greek Derivatives 1/2 B
Nick Fox Vocabulary 1/2 B
Jared Samuels Greek History 1/2 B
Sam Fason Geography 1/2 B
Gillean Kelly Sight Recitation 1/2 B
Christian Koitzsch Latin Literature 2
Sam Andrews Decathlon 2
Max Schotz Greek Life and Literature 2
Reeves Smith Mottoes 2
Kendle Windham Roman Life 3
Katie Cooke Latin Literature 3
Bryant Bowyer Roman History 3
Jade Ross Mottoes 3
Conor Keelan Geography 3
Ali Campion Sight Recitation 3
Colin Vanderburg Advanced Grammar 4
Stephen Barron Greek History 4
Rachel Deleery Greek Life and Literature 3


Classical Civilization contests:

1st place:
Peter Steinbach, Richard Dietz, Will Pearson, Conor Keelan, Lila Brand-Schmitz, Erica Wiesman, Annie Osborne, Ali Campion, Eliana Gill, Ashley Dill Vocal Ensemble
Nancy Waring Polychromatic Art

2nd place:
Ali Campion, Trace Turner, William Howard, Will Pearson Play
Christine Snitkjaer Monochromatic Art
Annie Osborn Couples Costume
Ali Campion Vocal Solo

3rd place:
Conor Keelan Vocal Solo



1st place:
Meredith Stark Girls 50 M
Brendan Ingram Boys Softball Throw
Meredith Stark Girls Softball Throw

2nd place:
Meredith Stark Girls 100 M
Christina Stull Girls 200 M
Jade Ross Girls Softball Throw

3rd place:
Rachel Deleery Girls Frisbee Throw

On the Pentathlon, the one test taken by everyone at the convention, Catherine Pace and Eliana Gill tied for the high score in Level 1. Connor Butler had the high score in Level 2, and Reid Swanger had the high score in Level 5.
Other Pentathlon results:

Summa cum laude: Annie Osborne, Eliana Gill, Catherine Pace, Patrick Davis, Connor Butler, Nicholas Siegele, Stephen Barron, Richard Dietz, Scott Dollen, Matthew Miller, Mason Osborn, Reid Swanger, Conor Keelan, Jade Ross, Bryant Bowyer, Ali Campion, Emma Richardson, Rachel Deleery, Andy Newell, Rachel Dimston, Will Pearson, Trace Turner, William Howard, Cameron Osborn, Reeves Smith, Logan Giberson, Nick Fox

Maxima cum laude: Justin Ingram, Samuel Leonard, Colin Feo, Meredith Stark, Colin Vanderburg, Nancy Wareing, Katie Cooke, Kendle Windham, Will Dodds, Daniel Martens, Lila Brand Schmitz, Ingrid Hoff, Jose Lopez, Robert Luke, Andrea DelVesco, Sam Andrews, Charlie Dennis, Seth Davis, Tucker Long, Parker Kell, As Buehler, Simran Frontain, Ana Marcks, Annika Mele, John Sealy, Christopher Snitkjaer, Evan Young, Sam Fason, Gillean Kelly, Michelle Robles, Jared Samuels

Magna cum laude: Katie Newell, Christine Snitkjaer, Ashley Dill, Taylor Dill, Emily Dodds, Christian Koitzsch, Judith Allen, Sarah Thompson, Garrett Holody, Katherine Stegmann, Christina Stull, James Stark, Austin Tedesco, Anna Richards, Gabriela Hindera, Alex Adams, Kathryn McDonald, Max Schotz, Mason Neal, Caroline Dill, Colin Hancock, Kathryn Gernstein, Sam Marten, Sara Thiessen, Annie Tate Cockrum, Patrick Dunham, Callie Evarts, Julia Josowitz, Charhong Quach, Tristan Reed, Lance Sharp

Cum laude: Seamus Gude, Peter Steinbach, Sam Stephenson, Brendan Ingram, Christopher Dill, Erica Weisman, Callie McConnico, Bonham Duncan, Madeleine Mele, Chloe Denham, Noah Ford

Advanced Certamen Team from St. Andrew's Wins Year's First Certamen Tournament
prid. Kal. Nov. (October 31st, 2009)

On Saturday, October 31st, the St. Andrew's Upper School and Middle Schools sent teams to compete at the Hill Country Middle School Certamen Meet, affectionately known as Cougartamen. The six teams competed early that Halloween morning with tough competition from opposing middle and high school teams of all levels. St. Andrew's entered teams in all levels (Novice, Middle School, Intermediate and Advanced) and did very well in all of them.

Our Novice team played very well, took 2nd place. This team included Andy Newell and Eliana Gill. The match was very tough, and our team narrowly missed first place, just five points shy of tieing.

The intermediate team, consisting of Connor Butler, Robert Luke, Cameron Osborn, Reeves Smith, and Trace Turner also competed and won second place, losing only to Hill Country Christian.

Two teams from the Upper School competed in the Advanced category: the Blue Team and the White Team, named in honor of our school colors. Ali Campion, Emma Richardson, Daniel Martens and Jade Ross represented the Blue team, and Scott Dollen, Reid Swanger, Rachel Deleery, and Mason Osborn represented the While Team. The White Team advanced to the finals, beating the other two finalists, Hill County Christian and Westlake, by a margine of over one hundred points.

The two teams from the Middle School that competed included 7th graders Asa Buehler, Logan Giberson, and Sam Martens, and 8th graders Evan Benitez-Young, Patrick Dunham, Nick Fox, Julia Josowitz, and Lancer Sharp. Both teams played very well against other the middle school teams, but narrowly missed earning enough points to make it into the final round.

Gratulamus omnibus vobis.

St. Andrew's Latin Club Attends National Junior Classical League Convention
Kal. Aug. (August 1st, 2009)

Thirty-three members of the St. Andrew's Latin Club participated in the 2009 National Junior Classical League convention that was held at the University of California at Davis from July 27th to August 1st. Participants competed in athletics (such as swimming, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee), art contests, and daily academic exams. Many of the students placed in the top ten of their respective competitions, including Academic Tests, Graphic Arts, Writing Competitions, and Ludi Sports. Students also assembled for state fellowship and general assemblies, where they competed to show their spirit for their state, and marched in the Spirit Procession wearing their best Roman costumes along with about 1500 other Latin students from across the nation. The trip also included seeing the redwood sequoias at Muir Woods, a day at Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, and sightseeing in San Francisco.

All of the members of Texas's Advanced Certamen team were St. Andrew's students. Scott Dollen, Matthew Miller, Duke Njie, Mason Osborn, Reid Swanger, and Elisa Turner reached the semi-finals of the competition and placed fifth. Connor Butler was a member of the state's Novice Certamen team, which placed third in the nation. He was joined by three players from Hill Country Christian School, and Trace Turner, Robert Luke, and Rachel Dimston served as alternates.

Upper school Latin teacher Jennie Luongo was named a "Summa Cum Laude Junior Classical League Sponsor." This award is given to sponsors who have given extraordinary service to the JCL on the local, state, and national levels.

Full results:

Mythology Level 4 Scott Dollen
Latin Derivatives Level 1/2 Nick Fox
Grammar Level 4 Matthew Miller
Small Models Grade 7-9 Hugo Nakashima-Brown
Computer Photography Grade 11 Mason Osborn
Slogan Sarah Thompson

English Oratory Level 1 Connor Butler
Marathon Jr. Boys William Howard
Slogan Cameron Kell
Grammar Level 4 Mason Osborn
50 yd Breaststroke Jr. Girls Jade Ross
Latin Literature Level 4 Reid Swanger

Certamen Novice Connor Butler
Open Certamen Intermediate Rachel Deleery
Ultimate Frisbee Richard Dietz
Games Grade 11 Richard Dietz
Certamen Novice Rachel Dimston
Essay Grade 7-8 girls Rachel Dimston
Ultimate Frisbee Cameron Kell
Certamen Novice Robert Luke
Mottoes Level 4 Matthew Miller
Ultimate Frisbee Duke Njie
100 yd IM Jr. Girls Jade Ross
Certamen Novice Trace Turner

Classical Art Level 2 Rachel Deleery
Greek Life and Lit Level 1/2 Patrick Dunham
Latin Derivatives Level 5 Duke Njie
Vocabulary Level 4 Mason Osborn
Multimedia Grade 7-9 Nick Osella
Roman History Level 4 Reid Swanger

English Oratory Lower Sam Andrews
Greeting Cards Grade 7-9 Connor Butler
Roman Life Level 4 Scott Dollen
Certamen Advanced Scott Dollen
Roman Life Level 1/2 Patrick Dunham
Heptathlon Level 1/2 Patrick Dunham
Vocabulary Level 1/2 Nick Fox
Computer Photography Grade 7-9 William Howard
Reading Comp Poetry Level 4 Matthew Miller
Certamen Advanced Matthew Miller
Vocabulary Level 5 Duke Njie
Certamen Advanced Duke Njie
Certamen Advanced Mason Osborn
Essay Grade 9 girls Jade Ross
Certamen Advanced Reid Swanger
Traditional Scrapbook Large Sarah Thompson
Certamen Advanced Elisa Turner
Roman History Level 1/2 Evan Young

Latin Derivatives Level 1 Sam Andrews
Cartoons Grade 7-9 Connor Butler
Sight Latin Reading Level 2 Ali Campion
Dolls Grade 7-9 Ali Campion
Slogan Rachel Deleery
Decorative Stitching Grade 7-9 Rachel Deleery
Roman History Level 1/2 Chloe Denham
Sight Latin Reading Level 1/2 Patrick Dunham
Mottoes Level 1/2 Nick Fox
Vocabulary Level 4 Matthew Miller
Mottoes Level 5 Duke Njie
Sculpture Grade 7-9 Nick Osella
Traditional Photography Grade 7-9 Nick Osella
Games Grade 11 Sarah Thompson
Mottoes Level 4 Elisa Turner

Greek Life and Lit Level 1 Connor Butler
Sight Latin Reading Boys Prose Level 3 Richard Dietz
Sight Latin Reading Girls Level 1 Rachel Dimston
Heptathlon Level 1/2 Nick Fox
Latin Derivatives Level 4 Matthew Miller
Roman Life Level 4 Reid Swanger
Illustrated Quotations Grade 7-9 Trace Turner
Sight Latin Reading Boys Level 1/2 Evan Young
Mottoes Level 1/2 Evan Young

Illustrated Quotations Grade 7-9 Ali Campion
Mythology Level 2 Rachel Deleery
Latin Derivatives Level 3 Richard Dietz
Reading Comprehension Level 1/2 Patrick Dunham
Greek Derivatives Level 1/2 Nick Fox
Sight Latin Reading Boys Level 2 Jose Lopez
Roman History Level 1/2 Charhong Quach
Roman Life Level 1/2 Charhong Quach
50 yd Freestyle Jr. Girls Jade Ross
Ancient Geography Level 4 Reid Swanger
Mythology Level 4 Elisa Turner

Reading Comprehension Level 1 Sam Andrews
Mottoes Level 3 Richard Dietz
Roman Life Level 1/2 Chloe Denham
Greek Derivatives Level 1/2 Patrick Dunham
Roman Life Level 1/2 Nick Fox
Reading Comp Poetry Level 4 Ryan Greenwell
Ancient Geography Level 1 Robert Luke
Sight Latin Reading Boys Level 1 Cameron Osborn
Traditional Photography Grade 7-9 Trace Turner

Essay Grade 7-8 boys Sam Andrews
Ancient Geography Level 1 Connor Butler
Latin Oratory Level 1 Connor Butler
Dolls Grade 7-9 Rachel Deleery
Latin Derivatives Level 1/2 Patrick Dunham
Latin Derivatives Level 4 Mason Osborn

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