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St. Andrew's students compete at state Latin convention
a. d. III Kal. Apr. (March 30th, 2009)

St. Andrew's Upper School students advance to nationals in two divisions of certamen.

On March 27 and 28, St. Andrew's upper school students competed at the Texas State Junior Classical League convention at SMU in Dallas. Students participated in academic, artistic, and athletic contests.

Two Austin area "all-star" teams won the state Certamen tournament and will represent Texas at Nationals this summer. The advanced division team was composed entirely of St. Andrew's students: Scott Dollen, Matt Miller, Duke Njie, Mason Osborn, and captain Reid Swanger. The novice division team included three St. Andrew's students: Connor Butler, a starter, and alternates Jose Lopez and Patrick Davis. The team also included players from Hill Country Christian Academy: Steven Baker, Thomas Ebner, Shane Jasek, Christian Johnson, Laura Mahaney, and Jonathan Mitchell. This is the first time that two Austin-area teams have advanced to Nationals in the same year. Congratulations to these Certamen players!

Three students won awards for having the highest score for their individual contests in any level: Scott Dollen in Mythology, Matthew Miller in Grammar, and Colin Vanderburg in Sight Recitation. In addition, Reid Swanger had the highest score of any level IV student on the Pentathlon, the one test everyone at the convention takes.

Here are the complete results:

First Place
Megan Bentzin Girls 200 M Dash
Megan Bentzin Ludi Basketball
Rachel Deleery Open Certamen
Caroline Dill Traditional Photography
Scott Dollen Mythology 4
Ryan Greenwell Ludi Basketball
Matthew Miller Grammar Advanced 4
Matthew Miller Latin Derivatives 4
Mason Neal Ludi Basketball
Duke Njie Ludi Basketball
Kate Steinbach Ludi Basketball
Reid Swanger Ludi Basketball
Sarah Thompson Scrapbook
Colin Vanderburg Sight Recitation 3

Second Place
Blair Campion Dramatic Interpretation Advanced - Girls 4
Rachel Deleery Mythology 2
Richard Dietz Mottoes 3
Cameron Kell Roman History 4
Jose Lopez Sight Recitation 1
Duke Njie Mottoes 5
Anna Richards Sculpture
Jade Ross Open Certamen
Reid Swanger Latin Literature 4

Third Place
Megan Bentzin Girls 100 M Dash
Ali Campion Sight Recitation 2
Patrick Davis Grammar 1
Rachel Deleery Greek Life and Literature 2
Duke Njie Latin Derivatives 5
Mason Osborn Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry 4
Emma Richardson Open Certamen
Reid Swanger Decathlon 4
Sarah Thompson Miscellaneous Art
Colin Vanderburg Latin Derivatives 3

Fourth Place
Bryant Bowyer Decathlon 2
Andrea Delvesco Reading Comprehension 1
Scott Dollen Roman Life 4
Daniel Martens Geography of the Ancient World 2
Emma Richardson Grammar Advanced 2
Peter Steinbach Boys 200 M Dash

Fifth Place
Blair Campion Sight Recitation (Poetry) 4
Anna Richards Models

Sixth Place
Richard Dietz Decathlon 3
Omead Ghodsi Boys 400 M Relay
Ryan Greenwell Dramatic Interpretation Advanced - Boys 4
Conor Keelan Boys 400 M Relay
Kyle Kerr Boys 400 M Relay
Jose Lopez Roman History 1
Jose Lopez Boys 400 M Relay
Christina Stull Greek Derivatives 3

Seventh Place
Megan Bentzin Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry 3
Blair Campion Vocal Solo
Caroline Dill Poster
Kate Steinbach Greek History 4
Austin Tedesco Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose 4

Eighth Place
Taylor Dill Greek History 1

Ninth Place
Conor Keelan Vocal Ensemble
Kate Steinbach Vocal Ensemble
Peter Steinbach Vocal Ensemble
Alex Wolford Greek Life and Literature 4

Tenth Place
Caroline Dill Roman Life 2
Matthew Miller Original English Oratory
Colin O'Brien Boys Costume
Anna Richards Greek Derivatives 4
Anna Richards Essay
Christine Snitkjaer Mottoes 1
Christine Snitkjaer Geography of the Ancient World 1

Students receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Bryant Bowyer, Connor Bulter, Ali Campion, Blair Campion, Rachel Deleery, Andrea DelVesco, Richard Dietz, Kyle Hunt, Conor Keelan, Cameron Kell, Daniel Martens, Mason Osborn, Emma Richardson, Jade Ross, Peter Steinbach, Reid Swanger (highest score in level 4), Elisa Turner, Colin Vanderburg.

Students receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Judith Allen, Megan Bentzin, Scott Dollen, Colin O'Brien, Sammi Robles, Kate Steinbach, Kendle Windham, Alex Wolford.

Students receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Daniel Albert, Caroline Dill, Bonham Duncan, Ryan Greenwell, Garrett Holody, Kyle Kerr, Matthew Miller, MaryHelen Murray, Duke Njie, Caroline Poteet, Anna Richards, Christine Snitkjar, Christina Stull, Austin Tedesco, Sarah Thompson.

Students receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Omead Ghodsi, Jose Lopez, Katie Newell.

Overall, the team placed 5th in Upper Division Sweepstakes, making us the highest-ranked Austin-area school as well as the highest-ranked SPC school.

The Latin teachers would like to thank Shawna Butler, Peggy Dill, Lorena Garcia, Mark and Louise Michaud, and Donna Osborn for chaperoning this trip, and Marty Swanger and Donna Osborn for organizing the food for the trip. Thanks also to all the parents who donated food and showed up to watch Certamen finals. Good luck to all as we prepare for Nationals this summer at the University of California-Davis.

MS Latin Students Earn High Sweepstakes Awards at State Latin Convention

On Friday, March 27, twenty-four St. Andrew's Middle School Latin students departed for Dallas to attend the annual Texas State Junior Classical League (TSJCL) convention on the campus of Southern Methodist University. Our students' amazing success earned St. Andrew's the honor of fourth place in the novice division sweepstakes competition among all Texas middle schools in attendance.
After our group visited a wonderful Etruscan exhibit at the Meadows Museum on the SMU campus, the weekend's competition kicked off with the Pentathlon, a five-category academic test that all students at the convention take.

Competition continued on Saturday morning, when students competed in academic contests in various subjects such as Roman history and Latin vocabulary as well as reciting and pronouncing Latin passages. Some students participated in various visual and performing arts contests, with categories including everything from photography and pottery to vocal performance. Many of our students also competed in the athletic contests known as "Olympika" (track events) and "Ludi" (basketball, soccer, and volleyball).

In addition to all of this competition, students met new friends at just-for-fun events such as Friday night's dance and Roman-themed movie screenings. One of our students even entered the convention talent show and won first place playing his electric guitar. Congratulations to Max Schotz!

After the competition on Friday and Saturday, the group took a little more time on Sunday to visit the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art as well as some exhilarating roller-coasters at Six Flags before returning home Sunday evening. Congratulations to all of the students who participated. We look forward to hearing about more successes from these wonderful students at this summer's National Latin Convention in Davis, California.


Overall Sweepstakes - Novice Division
St. Andrew's Middle School: 4th place

1st Place
Ted Heydinger: Greek Life & Literature
Gillean Kelly: Latin Sight Recitation
Michelle Robles: Greek Life & Literature

2nd Place
Sam Andrews: Decathlon
Clay Damron: State T-shirt Design
Clay Damron: Electronic Artwork
Patrick Dunham: Roman History
Nick Fox: Decathlon
Parker Kell: Latin Reading Comprehension

3rd Place
Rachel Dimston: Roman Life
Rohaise Firth-Butterfield: Greek History
William Howard: Latin Grammar
Robert Luke: Roman History

4th Place
Patrick Dunham: Greek Derivatives
Cameron Osborn: Greek Derivatives

5th Place
Callie Evarts: Latin Vocabulary
Hugo Nakashima-Brown: Geography of the Ancient World
Charhong Quach: Latin Grammar


Summa cum laude
7th: Nick Fox, Charhong Quach
8th: Sam Andrews, Rachel Dimston, William Howard, Robert Luke, Hugo Nakashima-Brown, Trace Turner

Maxima cum laude
7th: Michelle Robles
8th: Charlie Dennis, Will Pearson

Magna cum laude
7th: Chloe Denham, Patrick Dunham, Gillean Kelly, Evan Young
8th: Rohaise Firth-Butterfield, Parker Kell, Cameron Osborn

Cum laude
7th: Callie Evarts
8th: Ashley Dill, Clay Damron, Ted Heydinger

Certamen teams victorious at St. Gabriel's Tournament
a. d. IX Kal. Feb. (January 24th, 2009)

On Saturday, January 24th, St. Andrew's entered certamen teams at the St. Gabriel's certamen tournament in four levels: Advanced, Intermediate, Novice and Middle School levels. The Advanced team, with players Richard Dietz, Reid Swanger, Scott Dollen, Duke Njie, Matt Miller, and Elisa Turner, placed first. Junior Matt Miller said of the competition, "The LASA (LBJ) certamen team was the toughest team we played; we played pretty well against them, so I think we'll do well against them [at the Austin Area Competition]."

The Intermediate team, consisting of Bryant Bowyer, Rachel Deleery and Emma Richardson, placed second.

The Novice team, represented by Conner Butler and Patrick Davis, won first place.

The St. Andrew's Middle School team also won the second place trophy. Will Pearson, Cameron Osborn, Charlie Dennis, and Robert Luke played.

These teams will be representing us at the Austin Area Latin Competition, a competition to be held at Westwood High School on February 23-24th, 2009. They are expected to do well against difficult competitors. Bonam fortunam omnibus.

All Four St. Andrew's Teams Place at Hill Country MS Certamen Tournament
a. d. XVII Kal. Dec. (November 15th, 2008)

On Saturday, November 15th, five teams representing the St. Andrew's Latin Club competed in all four levels of the certamen competition at Hill Country Middle School. Teams from middle schools and high schools all over the Austin area competed, and the four teams from the St. Andrew's school advanced to finals. The Middle School team consisting of Charlie Dennis, Rachel Dimston, Robert Luke, and Trace Turner placed third in a very competitive division.  The Novice team beat two other teams in finals, taking home first place. Connor Butler and Jose Lopez made up the Novice team. This is a huge accomplishment for this team as most teams consist of four players. The Lower team won second, narrowly losing to Hill Country Christian, and consisted of Bryant Bowyer, Rachel Deleery, Emma Richardson, and Kendall Windham. The Upper team, consisting of Richard Dietz, Scott Dollen, Matt Miller, Duke Njie, Reid Swanger, and Colin Vanderburg played a fierce competition, and ultimately won first by 245 points against LBJ and Westlake.

Advanced certamen first, intermediate third at Reagan Tourney
a. d. VI Id. Nov. (November 8th, 2008)

On Saturday, November 8, four certamen teams from St. Andrew's Upper School arrived at Reagan High School in San Antonio at 7:00a.m. to compete in the Reagan High School Tournament. The intermediate team, representing their second year Latin classes, made it all the way to finals to take home a third place trophy. This team did incredibly well considering they consisted of only three people of a possible four. These students were sophomore Bryant Bowyer, and freshmen Kendle Windham and Emma Richardson. The advanced team, of seniors Duke Njie and Elisa Turner, and sophomores Scott Dollen and Reid Swanger, won first place. Congratulations to both teams!

Advanced and Novice Certamen Teams Win First Tournament of Year
a. d. XI Kal. Nov. (October 22nd, 2008)

The weekend of October the 18th, St. Andrew's co-hosted the annual Crusader Classic Certamen Tournament at the Upper School. Schools from both the Austin and San Antonio area attended. St. Andrew's had teams competing in all levels, and two of our teams won first place. One team, the Advanced team, consisting of Scott Dollen, Reid Swanger, Matthew Miller, and Elisa Turner, beat two San Antonio teams in the finals to take first place. "Reagan High School in San Antonio was a tough opponent," said Matt Miller, a Junior on the St. Andrew's Upper Team. The Novice team, consisting of Patrick Davis, Mason Neil, Conner Butler, and Jose Lopez, also won. "It was a lot of fun and we did a lot good work," said Kate Steinbach, a senior and a class representative of her AP Vergil class who helped set up the competition rooms. Her teacher, Jennie Luongo, also said that it "ran smoothly." "It was a success," added upper school Latin teacher Clint Hagen.

Students return from NJCL convention with many awards
a. d. IV Non. Aug. (August 2nd, 2008)

Twenty members of the St. Andrew's Latin Club participated in the 2008 National Junior Classical League convention that was held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, from July 28th to August 2nd. Participants competed in athletics (such as swimming, basketball, soccer and ultimate Frisbee), art contests, and daily academic exams. Many of the students were placed in the top ten of their respective competitions, including Academic Tests, Graphic Arts, Writing Competitions, and Ludi Sports. Students also assembled for a state fellowship and general assemblies, where they competed to show their spirit for their state. Students also marched in the Spirit Procession wearing their best Roman costumes along with about 1500 other Latin students from across the nation. On their way to Oxford, the students stayed two days in Cincinnati, where they visited Kings Island amusement park and took in a baseball game at the Great America Ballpark.

Several St. Andrew's students represented Texas on the state's Advanced Certamen team. Philip Swanger was a starter for the team and Reid Swanger, Kiran Rao, Matt Miller, and Scott Dollen were alternates. The team advanced to semi-finals before falling to eventual champions Virginia.

Upper school Latin teacher Jennie Luongo, middle school Latin intern Lauren Dill '04, and Andrew Rist '05 were crowned champions in the World Series of Certamen, the adult division of Certamen. In doing so, their team (called "Cornua Longa" or Longhorns) defeated last year's champion as well as the Florida Juggernaut, who had defeated them in a preliminary round.

Upper school Latin teacher Clint Hagen was named a "Summa Cum Laude Junior Classical League Sponsor." This award is given to sponsors who have given extraordinary service to the JCL on the local, state, and national levels.

Full results:

Rachel Deleery Decorative Stitching
Richard Dietz Open Certamen Intermediate
Anna Richards Glass
Philip Swanger Latin Literature V+
Reid Swanger Roman History III
Sarah Thompson Dolls
Christine Walsh 50 yd. Backstroke
Christine Walsh 100 yd. Backstroke
Christine Walsh 50 yd. Fly

Matt Miller Mottoes III
Cameron Osborn Greek Derivatives 1/2
Anna Richards Jewelry
Sarah Thompson Glass
Christine Walsh 50 yd. Breaststroke
Christine Walsh 50 yd. Freestyle
Christine Walsh 100 yd. Freestyle
Christine Walsh 200 yd. Freestyle
Christine Walsh 100 yd. Medley
Duke Njie Ludi Basketball
Austin Tedesco Ludi Basketball

Ali Campion Sight Recitation I
Scott Dollen Mythology III
Mason Osborn Essay
Mason Osborn Reading Comprehension - Prose III

Richard Dietz Games
Matt Miller Reading Comprehension III
Anna Richards Textiles
Philip Swanger Classical Art V+
Sarah Thompson Slogan

Ali Campion Dramatic Interpretation Girls' I
Richard Dietz Sight Recitation II
Matthew Miller English Oratory
Mason Osborn Grammar III
Mason Osborn Vocabulary III
Kiran Rao Latin Literature V+
Kiran Rao Mythology V+
Anna Richards Dolls
Reid Swanger Latin Literature III
Reid Swanger Roman Life III
Philip Swanger Reading Comprehension-Prose V+
Sarah Thompson Jewelry
Trace Turner Classical Art 1/2

Matthew Miller Vocabulary III
Mason Osborn Classical Art III
Mason Osborn Mottoes III
Philip Swanger Reading Comprehension – Poetry V+
Trace Turner Traditional Photography

Scott Dollen Latin Literature III
Mason Osborn Reading Comprehension – Poetry III
Sarah Thompson Girls' Costume
Elisa Turner Essay

Rachel Deleery Mythology I
Charlie Dennis 100 Meter Run
Kiran Rao Classical Art V+
Philip Swanger Vocabulary V+
Elisa Turner Mythology III

Ali Campion Illustrated Quotations
Kiran Rao Latin Derivatives V+
Kiran Rao Essay
Anna Richards Mosaics
Reid Swanger Academic Heptathlon III
Austin Tedesco Essay
Elisa Turner Mottoes III

Richard Dietz Mottoes II
Scott Dollen Roman Life III
Matt Miller Latin Literature III
Kiran Rao Reading Comprehension - Prose V+

Cell phone drive a success
a. d. XII Kal. Iun. (May 21st, 2008)

Today, the Latin Club will be taking the 55 phones that we collected in our used cell phone drive to the Austin Police Department Victims' Services Unit to be distributed to those who need phones to be enable them to call 911. Many thanks to all who donated and to sophomore Sarah Thompson who led our efforts.

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