Fri, Feb 23, 2018 - Sat, Feb 24, 2018
Area F Latin Convention, Anderson HS

Fri, Apr 13, 2018 - Sat, Apr 14, 2018
Texas State Latin Convention, Naaman Forest HS, Garland

Sun, Jul 22, 2018 - Sun, Jul 29, 2018
National Latin Convention, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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Upper School Latin Students Win Awards on the National Latin Exam
a. d. VI Kal. Mai. (April 26th, 2013)

On February 27th, Latin students at the Upper school took the National Latin Exam. They were joined by and competed with over 154,000 students from all 50 states and 15 foreign countries including Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe. There are separate exams for different levels of Latin, and students in each level are awarded medals (gold and silver) for high achievement. Forty-six Upper School students were recognized with some kind of award. Seventeen students received Gold Medals and seven received Silver Medals, the two highest awards on the exam.

Perfect Score

Nate Eakman


Gold Medals

Harrison Benson
Frankie Chen
Bryce Deskins
Nick Fox
Henry Gaudin
Logan Giberson
Olivia Hindera
Zachary Osborne
Pavan Reddy
Mariah Sager
Jaron Shrock
Reeves Smith
Ariana Weiss
Wesley Wiedenmeier
Marshall Wilson
Jonathan Zornio


Silver Medals

Mark Ashworth
Madeline Chastain
Sam Fason
Caroline Graves
Annika Mele
Noah Mele
Will Pearson


Magna Cum Laude

Connor Blake
Brendan Bowyer
Elizabeth Curtin
Simran Frontain
Sam Garrison
Bri Hardeman
Thomas Hogan
Sara Kane
Gillean Kelly
Pritam Reddy
Tristan Reed
Maura Salgo
Jared Samuels
Carter Tomsu
Evan Young


Cum Laude

Catherine Brady
Connor Brucker
McLean Ewbank
Kathryn Gernstein
William Howard
Madeleine Mele
John Sealy


As a senior receiving a gold medal in Latin III or above, Reeves Smith has also received a scholarship application for the prestigious NLE scholarship.

Middle and Upper School Latin Students Excel at the State Latin Convention
a. d. XVI Kal. Mai. (April 16th, 2013)

On March 30 and 31, St. Andrew's Upper School students competed at the Texas State Junior Classical League convention at Clark High School in San Antonio, Texas. Students participated in academic, artistic, and athletic contests.

Two Austin-area Certamen teams that included students from St. Andrew's competed in the state tournament. The intermediate division team, including St. Andrew's students: Wesley Wiedenmeier, Henry Gaudin, captain Bryce Deskins, and alternate Jonathan Zornio, placed second. The novice division team including St. Andrew's students: Rachel Nezzer and alternates Walton Schmidt and Marshall Wilson placed second as well. Congratulations to these Certamen players!

Every year at the TSJCL convention, the member schools elect a board of student officers to lead the organization for the following year. This year four St. Andrew's students have served as officers, Reeves Smith as Editor of the organization's publication, "the Torch," Olivia Hindera as Treasurer, Wesley Wiedenmeier as Webmaster, and Walton Schmidt as Area F Chairperson. At the convention this year, Mariah Sager ran for the office of Historian, which she easily won. Mariah will serve as Historian of the Texas State Junior Classical League during the next year.

Two students won an award for having the highest score for their individual contests in any level: Reeves Smith received the high score award for Mottoes and William Howard scored the highest in Latin Oratory.

Here are the complete results:

1st Place
Noelle Brimble - Miscellaneous Art
Charlie Dennis - Greek Life and Literature
Olivia Hindera - Mottoes
William Howard - Latin Oratory Advanced
Will Pearson - Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose
Mariah Sager - Latin Derivatives
Mariah Sager - Scrapbook
Katherine Salinas - Photography
Walton Schmidt - Mottoes, Level 1/2 B
Walton Schmidt - Open Certamen, Novice division
Reeves Smith - Mottoes
Reeves Smith - Open Certamen

2nd Place
Noelle Brimble - Girls Costume
Madeline Chastain - Monochromatic drawing (State)
Madeline Chastain - Oil or Acrylic
Robert Luke - Roman History
Robert Luke - Geography of the Ancient World
William McKinnerney - Latin Literature, Level 1/2 B
Pouya Mohammadi - Latin Vocabulary, Level 1/2 B
Rachel Nezzer - Competitive Certamen, Novice division
Zack Osborne - Open Certamen
Will Pearson - Sight Recitation IV+ (Poetry)
Jack Reed & Janson Shrock - Modern Catapult
Jonathan Zornio - Grammar Advanced

3rd Place
Jack Guttell - Grammar, Level 1/2 A
Olivia Hindera - Mythology
Robert Luke - Open Certamen
Zack Osborne - Grammar Advanced
Mariah Sager - Greek Derivatives
Trace Turner - Mythology
Ariana Weiss - Mythology

4th Place
Layne Alam - Mythology, Level 1/2 A
Joel Campbell - Boys Costume
Charlie Dennis - Play
Bryce Deskins - Roman History
Caroline Graves - State T-Shirt
William Howard - Play
Isabel Laubach - Roman Life, Level 1/2 B
Ellie McDaniel - Sight Recitation III (Prose)
Annika Mele - Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry
Rachel Nezzer - Mythology, Level 1/2 B
Cameron Osborn - Grammar Advanced
Will Pearson - Play
Reeves Smith - Play
Trace Turner - Play
Ariana Weiss - Greek Life and Literature
Marshall Wilson - Latin Derivatives
Marshall Wilson - Play

5th Place
Harrison Benson - Electronic Artwork
Catherine Brady - Dramatic Interpretation Advanced - Girls
Noelle Brimble - Dramatic Interpretation Advanced - Girls
Charlie Dennis - Vocal Ensemble
Bryce Deskins - Latin Derivatives
Nate Eakman - Decathlon
Simran Frontain - Essay
Henry Gaudin - Mottoes
Will Pearson - Vocal Ensemble
Katherine Salinas - Sight Recitation, Level 1/2 B
Reeves Smith - Decathlon
Trace Turner - Vocal Ensemble
Wesley Wiedenmeier - Reading Comprehension II
Hannah Winslett - Poetry

Students receiving summa cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Brendan Bowyer, Asa Buehler, Bryce Deskins, Nate Eakman, Logan Giberson, Olivia Hindera, Thomas Hogan, William Howard, Julia Josowitz, Sara Kane, James Krajicek, Isabel Laubach, Rachel Nezzer, Zachary Osborne, William Pearson, Katherine Salinas, Walton Schmidt, Reeves Smith, Ariana Weiss, Wesley Wiedenmeier, Marshall Wilson, Jonathan Zornio

Students receiving maxima cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Layne Alam, Frankie Chen, Samuel Garrison, Henry Gaudin, Caroline Graves, Robert Luke, Annika Mele, Cameron Osborn, Tristan Reed, Michelle Robles, Mariah Sager, Janson Shrock

Students receiving magna cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Andrew Barron, Harrison Benson, Carson Carroll, Madeline Chastain, Charles Dennis, Christian Erben, Simran Frontain, Kathryn Gernstein, Bri Hardeman, Grace Jensen, Will Josowitz, Ellie McDaniel, Madeleine Mele, Taylor Thompson, Trace Turner, Hannah Winslett

Students receiving cum laude awards for the Pentathlon: Connor Blake, Catherine Brady, William McKinnerney, Nolan McNearney, Jack Reed

Overall, the Upper School placed 6th in Upper Division Sweepstakes, making us the highest-ranked SPC school at the event. The Middle School placed 9th in the Middle School Division.

The Latin teachers would like to thank Trey and Annette Graves, Dawn and Steven Bowyer, and Cindy Luongo-Cassidy for helping to deal with logistics during the convention. Thanks also to all the parents who donated food and showed up to watch candidates' speeches and Certamen finals. Good luck to all as we prepare for Nationals this summer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Upper School Latin Students Win Medals for the NCEE
a. d. III Non. Apr. (April 3rd, 2013)

In November, thirteen Upper School Latin students took part in the National Classical Etymology Exam, an online exam sponsored by the National Junior Classical League. Nearly have of St. Andrews' thirteen participants were awarded medals for their performance on the exam based on their grade level.

Receiving Gold Medals:

Olivia Hindera
Sara Kane
Mariah Sager

Receiving Bronze Medals:

Bryce Deskins
Simran Frontain
Reeves Smith

Upper School Students Win Ancient Coins
a. d. V Kal. Feb. (January 28th, 2013)

This year students at St. Andrew's Upper School are participating in the Ancient Coins for Education project. Students in some Latin classes will be examining and identifying genuine Roman coins sent to us by the project, led by Trace Turner '13, an ancient coin enthusiast. As part of this project, Upper School students in Latin 3, 4, and 5 participated in a competition to identify images on Roman coins. Our school winner was Olivia Hindera '14 and for her excellent performance she received a Roman coin minted under Theodosius the Great.

Additionally, the Advanced Topics in Latin students participated in an essay writing competition. Cameron Osborn's (class of 2013) essay, which was the winning essay selected from our school, was entered in the national competition. His essay placed third nationally. Cameron received both an ancient coin and a book prize. Congratulations to both these ancient Roman coin experts!

St. Andrew's Hosts Successful Area Latin Convention
a. d. X Kal. Feb. (January 23rd, 2013)

On Friday, January 18 and Saturday, January 19, the St. Andrew's Latin Clubs hosted the Area F Latin Convention at St. Andrew's Lower and Middle School. Many student and parent volunteers spent countless hours setting-up, running, and cleaning up after the Convention, and it was a great success. Our very own eighth-grader Walton Schmidt presided over the convention as the Area F Chairperson, taking a lead role along with his sponsor Lauren Dill in making the convention run smoothly. The Latin teachers and clubs would like to sincerely thank everyone who came out to help us put on a great convention this year.

In Certamen, all of our teams did well. Our Middle School Certamen team, composed of Layne Alam, Katie Cowan, William McKinnerney, Rachel Nezzer, Katherine Salinas, Janson Shrock, and captain Walton Schmidt advanced to finals and won second by a nail. Our Novice Certamen team composed of Mark Ashworth, Max Bartee, Tom Hogan, James Krajicek, and captain Marshall Wilson won first place by 50 points. The Intermediate Certamen team including captain Bryce Deskins, Ariana Weiss, Wesley Wiedenmeier, Jonathan Zornio, and alternates Harrison Benson, Henry Gaudin, and Caroline Graves also took first place. The Advanced team (Olivia Hindera, captain Robert Luke, Zack Osborne, and Reeves Smith with alternates Sara Kane, Mariah Sager, and Trace Turner) won third place in a hard fought round. Members of all four Certamen teams will have the opportunity to represent Area F at the State Latin Convention in April.

As a school, St. Andrew's Upper School took second in the overall academic sweepstakes, calculated by assigning points for first, second, and third place finishes. Four students were recognized for having the highest score at any level on their tests: Olivia Hindera in Mythology, Mariah Sager in Latin Derivatives, Jaron Shrock in Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose, and Reeves Smith in Mottoes.

1st Place

Asa Buehler - Geography of the Ancient World
Joel Campbell - Boys Costume
Charlie Dennis - Dramatic Interpretation Advanced - Boys
Bryce Deskins - Latin Derivatives
Charlie Dennis - Play
Nate Eakman - Mythology
Henry Gaudin - Mottoes
Gabbie Hindera - Play
Olivia Hindera - Mottoes
Olivia Hindera - Mythology
Tom Hogan - Mythology
William Howard - Latin Oratory Advanced
William Howard - Play
Grace Jensen - MS Girls Long Jump
Nolan McNearney - MS Boys 50 Yard Dash
Nolan McNearney - MS Boys Long Jump
Will Pearson - Play
Mariah Sager - Latin Derivatives
Walton Schmidt - Mottoes & Abbreviations
Janson Shrock - MS Boys Frisbee Throw
Janson Shrock - MS Boys Softball Throw
Jaron Shrock - Reading Comprehension Advanced Prose
Jaron Shrock - Grammar Advanced
Reeves Smith - Mottoes
Reeves Smith - Play
Trace Turner - Play
Wesley Wiedenmeier - Grammar Advanced
Marshall Wilson - Play
Hannah Winslett - Polychromatic Art (Area F)
Hannah Winslett - HS Girls 200 Yard Dash
Jonathan Zornio - Grammar Advanced

2nd Place

Mark Ashworth - Grammar I (Elementary)
Harrison Benson - Dramatic Interpretation II - Boys
Connor Blake - Greek Life and Literature
Frankie Chen - Grammar Advanced
Charlie Dennis - Vocal Ensemble
Bryce Deskins - Roman History
Bethany Dollar - MS Girls Frisbee Throw
Nate Eakman - Decathlon
Sam Fason - Geography of the Ancient World
Nick Fox - Decathlon
Nick Fox - Roman Life
Grace Gilmour - MS Girls Softball Throw
Jack Guttell - Vocabulary
Caroline Graves - Sight Recitation II
Gabbie Hindera - Roman Life
William Howard - Grammar Advanced
Grace Jensen - MS Girls 50 Yard Dash
Grace Jensen - MS Girls 100 Yard Dash
Gillean Kelly - Latin Literature
James Krajicek - Roman History
Robert Luke - Roman History
Robert Luke - Geography of the Ancient World
Alessandra Massa - Greek Life and Literature
Ellie McDaniel - Sight Recitation III (Prose)
Noah Mele - Greek History
Zack Osborne - Grammar Advanced
Zack Osborne - Latin Derivatives
Will Pearson - Vocal Ensemble
Mariah Sager - Greek Derivatives
Katherine Salinas - Sight Recitation
Janson Shrock - Reading Comprehension
Janson Shrock - MS Boys 100 Yard Dash
Reeves Smith - Latin Literature
Taylor Thompson - Ancient Geography
Taylor Thompson - MS Boys Long Jump
Trace Turner - Vocal Ensemble
Hannah Winslett - HS Girls 50 Yard Dash
Jonathan Zornio - Geography of the Ancient World

3rd Place

Layne Alam - Mythology
Mark Ashworth - Decathlon
Andrew Barron - Roman Life
Andrew Barron - HS Boys 200 Yard Dash
Max Bartee - Vocabulary
Harrison Benson - Polychromatic Art (Area F)
Harrison Benson - Play
Quinn Bingham - Greek Derivatives
Quinn Bingham - MS Girls Softball Throw
Brendan Bowyer - Decathlon
Connor Brucker - Play
Asa Buehler - Roman History
Connor Brucker - Greek History
Joel Campbell - Latin Oratory II
Joel Campbell - Play
Frankie Chen - Decathlon
Katie Cowan - Greek Life & Literature
Charlie Dennis - Greek Life and Literature
Bethany Dollar - MS Girls Long Jump
Caroline Graves - Play
Jack Guttell - Grammar
Tom Hogan - Roman Life
Grace Jensen - MS Girls 200 Yard Dash
Sara Kane - Latin Literature
Sara Kane - Play
Simran Frontain - Play
Gillean Kelly - Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry
Ellie McDaniel - Roman Life
Rachel Nezzer - Mythology
Rachel Nezzer - Vocabulary
Will Pearson - Sight Recitation IV+ (Poetry)
Will Pearson - Vocal Solo
Walton Schmidt - Decathlon
John Sealy - Greek Derivatives
Matthew Tobias - MS Boys 100 Yard Dash
Matthew Tobias - MS Boys Long Jump
Ariana Weiss - Play
Hannah Winslett - HS Girls 100 Yard Dash

Pentathlon Results

Summa Cum Laude: Layne Alam, Frankie Chen, Bryce Deskins, Nate Eakman, Nick Fox, Henry Gaudin, Olivia Hindera, Tom Hogan, Zachary Osborne, Katherine Salinas, Jaron Shrock, Wesley Wiedenmeier, Evan Young, Jonathan Zornio

Maxima Cum Laude: Alexandra Ameel, Mark Ashworth, Max Bartee, Quinn Bingham, Brendan Bowyer, Connor Brucker, Asa Buehler, Carson Carroll, Madeline Chastain, Elizabeth Curtin, Charlie Dennis, Sam Fason, Molly Fox, Simran Frontain, Sam Garrison, Kathryn Gernstein, Logan Giberson, William Howard, Grace Jensen, Sara Kane, James Krajicek, Alessandra Massa, Ellie McDaniel, William McKinnerney, Pouya Mohammadi, Cameron Osborn, Will Pearson, Jack Reed, Mariah Sager, Cameron Scott, John Sealy, Lex Searcy, Janson Shrock, Reeves Smith, Taylor Thompson, Matthew Tobias, Hannah Winslett

Magna Cum Laude: Andrew Barron, Harrison Benson, Connor Blake, Catherine Brady, Joel Campbell, Katie Cowan, Bethany Dollar, Christian Erben, Kate Fox, Grace Gilmour, Caroline Graves, Will Greskovich, Jack Guttell, Bri Hardeman, Gabbie Hindera, Gillean Kelly, Maya Kidd, Robert Luke, Noah Mele, Michelle Robles, Maura Salgo, Walton Schmidt, Jackie Smith, Trace Turner, Ariana Weiss

Cum Laude: Oliver Chapin-Eiserloh, Noah Ford, Ingrid Hoff, Nolan McNearney, Char Quach

St. Andrew's Certamen Wins Awards at Crusader Classic
Id. Dec. (December 13th, 2012)

Last Saturday, December 8, St. Andrew's hosted the annual Cru Classic Certamen tournament. Everyone helped set up for the tournament the night before, moving desks around and lugging Certamen machines to set up the rooms for the competition. Our own Certamen teams competed, and every single one made it into the finals! The Middle School team, consisting of Walton Schmidt, Kady Salinas, Janson Shrock, and Rachel Nezzer, placed second. Marshall Wilson, Mark Ashworth, Tom Hogan, and Max Bartee, of our Novice team, placed first. Our Intermediate team, made up of Bryce Deskins, Ariana Weiss, Wesley Wiedenmeier, and Jonathan Zornio, came in third. And, our Advanced team, consisting of Olivia Hindera, Reeves Smith, Zack Osborne, and Robert Luke, secured second place. After another successful Crusader Classic tournament, please help us congratulate everyone!

Middle School: 2nd Walton Schmidt, Kady Salinas, Janson Shrock, Rachel Nezzer
Novice: 1st Marshall Wilson, Mark Ashworth, Tom Hogan, Max Bartee
Intermediate: 3rd Bryce Deskins, Ariana Weiss, Wesley Wiedenmeier, Jonathan Zornio
Advanced: 2nd Olivia Hindera, Reeves Smith, Robert Luke, Zack Osborne

We are also incredibly grateful to our wonderful parent and student volunteers who helped to make the tournament run smoothly.

Certamen Teams Compete at Clark Certamen
prid. Id. Nov. (November 12th, 2012)

On November 10, St. Andrew's competed in the Clark Certamen Tournament in San Antonio. The Advanced A Team, led by mythology specialist Olivia Hindera, grammar specialist Zack Osborne, history specialist Robert Luke, and literature specialist Reeves Smith, made it to the finals in the Clark tournament-- one of the toughest tournaments in Texas. Trace Turner, Asa Buehler, and Sara Kane competed on the B team, and Nate Eakman, Mariah Sager, and Jaron Shrock competed on the C team and represented St. Andrew's very well along with Intermediate team members Bryce Deskins, Ariana Weiss, Wesley Wiedenmeier, Jonathan Zornio, Harrison Benson, and Caroline Graves. Congratulations to all our St. Andrew's Teams who competed at the Clark Tournament!

Two Upper Schoolers appointed to TSJCL Office
prid. Id. Nov. (November 12th, 2012)

Senior Reeves Smith has been appointed to become the Torch Editors for TSJCL Torch for 2012-2013! This marks the sixth consecutive year in a row that an SAS student has held this title. As Torch Editor, Reeves will be in charge of making the TSJCL newsletter that goes out to schools. Also, Wesley Wiedenmeier has become the webmaster for TSJCL! As Webmaster, he will be editing the TSJCL website and will be keeping it up to date. Congratulate these two on their arrival into office!

Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius Celebrated
a. d. IV Kal. Sep. (August 29th, 2012)

On August 27, Latin students witnessed the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in cake form. Although it was a tragedy when the volcano erupted in August AD 79, the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius brought forth much to celebrate for Latin students. For, without this disaster 1,933 years ago, we would never have discovered so much about the daily life of the Romans. Therefore, to celebrate the anniversary of the eruption, St. Andrew's Latin students take apart and eat an erupting chocolate every year. The Latin Club thanks Mrs. Osborn, whose sugary volcanic edifice made it another day to remember.

Upper and Middle School Students Compete and Win at NJCL Convention at Wake Forest
Id. Aug. (August 13th, 2012)

St. Andrew's Latin Club Attends National Junior Classical League Convention

Seventeen members of the St. Andrew's Latin Club participated in the 2012 National Junior Classical League convention that was held at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina from July 26th to the 31st. Participants competed in athletics (such as swimming, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee), art contests, and daily academic exams. Many of the students placed in the top ten of their respective competitions, including Academic Tests, Graphic Arts, Writing Competitions, and Ludi Sports. Students also assembled for state fellowship and general assemblies, where they competed to show their spirit for their state, and marched in the Spirit Procession wearing their best Roman costumes along with about 1500 other Latin students from across the nation. The trip also included river rafting and visits to the Biltmore Estate and several college campuses.

The NJCL Convention is run in part by student officers elected by the delegates to the convention, and this year, rising St. Andrew's senior Trace Michael Turner, was elected to the position of National Editor. Trace will be responsible for the creation and publication of the NJCL's renowned publication, the Torch U.S. Trace has previously held the same position in the Texas State JCL. Trace will have a large hand in shaping and carrying out the agenda of the National Junior Classical League.

Results for the individual events are listed below, but there is one achievement that must be noted first. When a student places in the top five in a contest at NJCL he or she receives "personal sweepstakes points." At the end of the convention awards are given for the most sweepstakes points in each category. Recent St. Andrew's graduate, Ali Campion, placed 8th in the Creative Arts Sweepstakes.

Ali was also chosen as "best in class" for her Dramatic Interpretation and was therefore asked to perform it again at the awards ceremony and later for the NJCL National Committee who recorded it for their website. You will soon be able to see it at njcl.org.

Full results:

1st Place
Ali Campion - Dramatic Interpretation Advanced - Girls
Ali Campion - Sight Recitation IV+ (Poetry)
Ali Campion - Computer-Enhanced Photography
Walton Schmidt - Mottoes
Walton Schmidt - Sight Recitation I

2nd Place
Rachel Deleery - Classical Art
Nate Eakman - Modern Myth

3rd Place
Rachel Deleery - Open Certamen: Advanced
Bryce Deskins - Classical Art
Nate Eakman - Open Certamen: Intermediate
Nolan McNearney - Sight Recitation I
Katherine Salinas - Sight Recitation I

4th Place
Ali Campion - Games
Ali Campion - Jewelry and Handicrafts
Rachel Deleery - Greek Life and Literature
Katherine Salinas - Traditional Photography

5th Place
Rachel Deleery - Mythology
Olivia Hindera - Mottoes
Emma Richardson - Vocabulary
Emma Richardson - Sight Recitation IV+ (Poetry)
Trace Turner - Traditional Photography

6th Place
Noelle Brimble - Dramatic Interpretation Advanced - Girls
Ali Campion - Classical Art
Ali Campion - Dolls
Rachel Deleery - Latin Literature
Emma Richardson - Reading Comprehension Advanced Poetry
Trace Turner - Illustrated Quotes
Nolan McNearney - Greek Life and Literature

7th Place
Ali Campion - Traditional Photography
Rachel Deleery - Decorative Stitching
Emma Richardson - Grammar Advanced
Katherine Salinas - Latin Derivatives
Walton Schmidt - Latin Derivatives

8th Place
Bryce Deskins - Greek Life and Literature
Nate Eakman - Mythology
Nate Eakman - Reading Comprehension II
Dawson Henderson - 50 yard Freestyle Boys
Olivia Hindera - Classical Art
Cameron Osborn - Monochromatic drawing
Nolan McNearney - Greek History

9th Place
Ali Campion - Essay
Rachel Deleery - Geography of the Ancient World
Rachel Deleery - Greek History
William Howard - Dramatic Interpretation Advanced - Boys
Emma Richardson - Latin Derivatives
Emma Richardson - Traditional Photography
Mariah Sager - Sight Recitation IV+ (Poetry)
Trace Turner - Classical Art
Katherine Salinas - Vocabulary
Katherine Salinas - Polychromatic drawing

10th Place
Rachel Deleery - Roman Life
Bryce Deskins - 50 yard Freestyle Jr. Boys
William Howard - Classical Art
Katherine Salinas - Reading Comprehension I

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